Barrel Head Side Table

$645.00 $495.00 -23%
  • Barrel Head Side Table
Barrel Head Side Table Side Table by Moran Woodworked Furniture Side Table With Solid Brass Bars Bourbon-Barrel Head Side Table White Oak Furniture From Bourbon Barrel Staves

Barrel Head Side Table

$645.00 $495.00 -23%


Moran Woodworked Furniture handcrafts quality pieces from wood with unique stories. Having spent a considerable amount of time with Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, these unique side tables made from Pappy barrel heads have a lot to tell.

With a focus on using the round, wide, golden wood from the bourbon barrel head, the design of this side table riffs on the routed edge put on the barrelhead during assembly. Each white oak leg and joint is turned and cut, one at a time, by hand. It is then subtly complemented with two crossed bars of brass and pinned in place, which will patina with age. This limited-edition design is an attentive conversation between the history of use and the language of modern, fine furniture. Bring home this beautiful bourbon showpiece to cherish for years to come.

More details:

  • Made from Pappy Van Winkle white oak barrel heads
  • Features hand-turned legs
  • Hand-cut, wedged-through mortise joints hold the legs in place.
  • Un-lacquered, solid brass bars are pinned in place with brass
  • Dimensions: 18" diameter x 20" high, 7 lbs.
  • Zero-VOC, clear oil finish