Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix

  • Generally, cocktail mixes are something we have avoided—with good reason. But then right around the time the craft cocktail culture began taking off in earnest, we met Joe and MariElena Raya, longtime bartenders turned entrepreneurs who had begun creating their own line of mixologist-level cocktail mixes called Bittermilk, and we were forced to reconsider that long-held position.

    Their No. 1 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix, in particular, was an immediate hit with the Van Winkle clan. And like Bittermilk’s original mix, the exclusive Pappy & Company version is made with simple quality, well-balanced ingredients (bittering agents like gentian root and cinchona bark along with burnt sugar, spices, and a bit of orange peel), but ours is aged in retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, creating a distinct flavor profile unique to Pappy & Company. Fair warning: This mix is super concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. Best with aged spirits.

Customer Reviews

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I’m Hooked!

Although I am new to the bourbon experience, I am a woman who knows what she likes! And, I love Pappy’s Old Fashion Mix! It’s absolutely fantastic, to the last sip! I can hardly wait to experience it Smoked!

Pam S.
Product Ideas: My husband’s request.
A little goes a long way.

Pappy’s makes the mixing of a very good old fashioned extremely easy.

James B.
Product Ideas: For our wedding 💒

Beyond expectations. Our signature drink “Bailey’s Classic Old Fashion” 🥃 at our wedding at the Belleview Inn, Bellair, Florida.

Alfie m.
Product Ideas: Myself
Unique Old Fashioned Mix

I say unique because most old fashions can be sweet or bitter but not both. This mix does just that, gives you both!!!! No idea how they did it but it’s Stellar.

Tony T.
Product Ideas: My self
Old fashioned

Makes the best old fashioned I’ve ever made at home. I will not run out.
The only one I’ve ever had better was at dickie Brennan’S in New Orleans

Beville N.
Product Ideas: For myself
Love it! Very tasty

I tried the smaller singles pack before buying the larger version. I knew I would like it and it did not disappoint. Makes a very tasty old fashion, you don’t need to add anything else, mix, bourben and orange peal (optional).