Charred Oak Stave Lamp

$555.00 $395.00 -29%
  • Moran Woodworked Furniture Oak Lamp
Moran Woodworked Furniture Oak Lamp Elegant Charred Oak Stave Lamp for Rustic Farmhouse Design Gold and Black Lamp Shade Charred Oak Stave Lamp Artistic Lamp with Charred Bourbon Barrel Oak

Charred Oak Stave Lamp

$555.00 $395.00 -29%


Moran Woodworked Furniture creates limited-edition pieces, handcrafted from unique wood materials. Pappy Van Winkle white oak barrel staves are a wood story unlike any other.

With wood, a design can often manifest itself only when one begins to work closely with that specific material. As Moran Woodworked Furniture began to experiment with flattening out the widest Pappy barrel staves, a pattern emerged. Because of the inherent curve of the material, as they removed each thin layer of wood on the outer edges of the charred surface they were left with a swath of black, sometimes looking as ephemeral as smoke. As with every piece, each lamp will have its own unique pattern and emote fine taste in home decor.

More details:

  • Made from Pappy Van Winkle white oak with mitered corners
  • Holds a custom Kentucky-made matte black paper shade that's lined in gold foil.
  • Features brass fittings, a three-way switch and a twisted cloth cord.
  • On the top and bottom of the base are quarter-inch, solid, un-lacquered brass plates.
  • Lamp base dimensions: 4" wide x 4" deep x 8" tall
  • Lamp shade dimensions: 12" in diameter x 10" high
  • Zero-VOC, clear oil finish