The Origin of Our "Pappy Hour" Shatterproof Cups


Every summer, our family gathers in Michigan to enjoy each other's company in the great outdoors. Lazy afternoons on the boat, playfully competitive games of bocce ball and relaxing afternoons on the porch … regardless of the activity, our cups are ever-present when we’re together.

The origin of our "Pappy Hour" shatterproof cups was a matter of practicality. Break enough glasses by knocking them off the end table or leaving a few on the boat or at a friend’s house, and you start to realize you need a better solution. These cups are perfect: reusable, slip-proof, nice enough to carry around, but not so nice that if you lost a few, you’d be heartbroken. In fact, these summer cups have become kind of a fun tradition up in Michigan. They get passed around from house to house. If somebody leaves one on your porch, you just add it to your collection as a fun memento of the good time that was had.

It was our mom who came up with the catchphrase for cocktail hour. She’d always customize cups with fun sayings, such as “We love cocktail hour.” or “It’s time for a drink!” Eventually, "Pappy Hour" was born: a fun play on happy hour with a little Pappy twist. These plastic bourbon cups are now a staple in our family. In fact, they’re our dad’s drinking vessel of choice!

Whether it be a refreshing vodka tonic on the porch or a whiskey on the rocks next to a fire, these cups are a symbol of family, celebration and love in the Van Winkle household.

Get your own Pappy Hour shatterproof cup.

Pappy Hour Shatterproof Plastic Cup With Fruit