Pappy & Company is the trade name for Van Winkle Goods, LLC, a Kentucky Limited Liability Company. Pappy & Company is registered with the Kentucky Department of Revenue as a tobacco products distributor under license No. 4200029.

Pappy & Company may reserve a portion of each cigar sale to account for applicable sales and excise taxes assessed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and other authorized agencies.  Kentucky imposes a six-percent (6%) state-level sales or use tax on such sales within the Commonwealth, and such transactions are also subject to Kentucky’s fifteen-percent (15%) tobacco product excise tax.

This transaction may be deemed by Pappy & Company in its sole discretion to have occurred exclusively within the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth of Kentucky taxes. Any assertions to the contrary are hereby expressly waived.

If you reside outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky you are legally responsible for the payment of any state taxes applicable to these cigars. Pappy & Company may be obligated to report this sale, including your name and address as buyer, to your state revenue agency. As a condition of transacting business with Pappy & Company, you expressly agree to this disclosure, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pappy & Company, its members, agents, and employees, and any third party payment service provider, for any claims for any such taxes or assessments, including any associated costs, interest, or penalties. Pappy & Company may not be required to collect your resident state or local sales or use tax. This purchase is not exempt from sales or use tax merely because it is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. Your state may require you to report all purchases of tangible personal property, including the products sold on this website, that are not taxed by Pappy & Company and pay use tax on those purchases unless otherwise exempt under your state’s respective laws. The tax may be reported and paid on your state’s individual income tax return, by filing a consumer use tax return, or by other forms required by the state, its taxing agency and/or other state and local government agencies.  Other applicable state and local taxes in the state with which you reside or receive and use these products may also apply which you are personally responsible for reporting or paying.