We are pleased to offer Corporate Gifting.  Shop our bourbon-inspired gifts for your clientele, co-workers, or community members. You can select from one of our pre-curated gift sets, or buy single gifts from our most popular products. 

How does the Corporate Gifting program work? 

If you would like to create an original gift set package, check out our entire line of fine products here.  Our complete line of products include bourbon-inspired apparel, cigars, barware, food items, gift cards and more.

Please email Willy Breen at to discuss product ideas and pricing. We’d be happy to help you make a lasting impression with our Pappy & Company gift sets.

Where do I start?

Consider how many total gifts you are looking to purchase, it always helps to have a budget in mind. Our pre-curated gift sets range from $45-$85.

Visit our site to see what suits you and then email Willy Breen. He will help you review our Pappy & Company products to figure out the best gift set for you.

Once I have selected my gift set, what do I need to provide?

Once you receive confirmation of pricing and shipping cost, payment will be due two (2) weeks prior to the ship date. Please have your desired delivery date selected. If your gifts are going to different addresses, have your recipients’ correct names and addresses ready to share. We will email you our Recipient Address template to complete.

Can I have all of the gifts sent to me instead of the receivers?

Of course! Just send us the shipping address and we can pack all of the gifts to go to one location.

Can I add a note to the gifts?

Yes, you can add a note.  Work with us to determine whether you would like the note to be on Pappy & Company card stock or on your personal letterhead. Adding notes to your gifts is an added cost. 

We look forward to working with you.