Contact Us:

Contact Us:

Email us at or 888-834-9831 for phone support. 

Retail store at 843 East Market:

Hours of operation are Wednesday - Sunday - 11am - 5pm EST. Closed Monday and Tuesday. 

Use the double black doors on Market Street to enter the store. 

Phone number is 502-398-5157.

For questions - please email


Media Inquires:

If you’re a member of the media please email


To learn about how to become a Pappy & Company retailer, or place a wholesale order email

Question about Returns & Existing Orders:

Please visit us here.

Have a General Question?

Email us at for a response within 24 hours or less during normal hours. Or call us Monday through Friday 9am-4pm EST at 888-834-9831.

Looking for the Bourbon?

At Pappy & Company we only sell dry goods, we are unable to help you locate or purchase our family's bourbon. Legally, the distillery can only sell to liquor distributors, therefore it is not an option to sell bourbon directly to consumers. It is up to the distributor as to where the bourbon gets sold. Unfortunately, the supply cannot meet the current demand, and because our bourbons are aged 10-23 years, we cannot simply start making more today and selling it tomorrow. We are producing more bourbon annually, but at a rate that fits within our family's values of quality over quantity. Feel free to go to the distillery's website for the information they provide.