Pappy & Company Celebrates Father's Day

With Father’s Day approaching we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate our own Dads. As we started to plan for Father’s Day at the office, we kept saying things to each other like “well this is a great gift idea for Father’s Day because it is my Dad’s favorite,” or “you know my Dad really loves this,” and “I always give my Dad this,” and it dawned on our team that while we hadn’t set out to specifically make a collection of things that our own Dads would enjoy - it just happened that way!

It does make sense though. Since we started Pappy & Company almost 7 years ago it was with the goal to make products that we would personally enjoy, to collaborate with brands and makers whose work we admire, and to ultimately create products that we actually want to use in our own everyday lives - so naturally our Dads do too! 

So in honor of Father’s Day, we are sharing with you some of the favorite Pappy & Company products that the Dad’s of Pappy & Company love, and that maybe they can expect to receive on a Sunday very soon! Thank you to our Dads, and Dads everywhere, for your love and support. Happy Father’s Day!

Carrie & Louise:

Our dad can’t live without our bourbon balls! The first thing he does whenever he comes to visit our office is to search them out, and he knows he can’t keep them in the house unless he is prepared to eat them all! Another personal favorite are the Keys Rock Glasses. They are the perfect glass for an Old Fashioned, and at such a good price, they make a really great gift! He is also pretty much always wearing his Pappy Always Fine Bourbon hat


Last year I gave my dad the large cutting board. He happens to be an avid chef and it quickly became one of his favorite things in the kitchen! He keeps it out on the countertop as it is his “go-to” cutting board and he uses it daily. He reports that with a little bit of oil it has managed to keep its finish and says it still looks brand new a year later. This is the perfect gift for any Dad who knows their way around a kitchen!



My dad loves all of the cigars, particularly the Limitada's. In fact he had a hard time narrowing it down, saying he’d welcome a gift of any of the cigars because they are all that good!  He is also a big fan of the navy blue Pappy...But Always Fine Bourbon cotton t-shirt and he wears it all the time!  



My dad loves any and all of our cigars.  He enjoys them on the beach, the golf course or at the lake!  He also loves roasting brussel sprouts and drizzling them with our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Syrup.


My dad loves all the golf accessories, especially the golf balls, and putter covers which he puts to constant use as he plays golf every week! He also loves the Long Sleeve Pappy 23 Year Label t-shirt because it is so comfortable - it fits so well and is super soft!