The Story Behind Our Bourbon Nib Brittle Candy


We're proud to bring you our very own Bourbon Nib Brittle, made with organic cacao bean "nibs" and aged in retired Pappy bourbon barrels. To put a southern twist on this classic treat, we've partnered with Olive & Sinclair, one of the finest artisan chocolate makers in the country. 

It all starts in Nashville at the Olive & Sinclair factory. The first step is for Jordan to sort through the cacao beans that have arrived – typically from the Dominican Republic or Ecuador. He sorts by hand and discards beans that are shriveled or have stems. Then, the beans are sucked up with a vacuum and into a grinder to make the nibs.

Next, the nibs are put in retired, 20-year Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels to age. This gives the nibs more intense flavors and aromas of oak, vanilla and dark fruits. After about three months of aging, some of the nibs are added to the hot brittle mixture and poured onto trays. This process just intensifies all of the subtleties in the barrel and captures them in the buttery brittle.

The nibs are the secret to making the finishing chocolate so delicious, too. They roll and press the rest of the nibs with a melanger; it’s a French word for stone mill. Olive & Sinclair's melangers are antiques from the early 1900s and were brought over from Spain and France. The nibs are rolled and pressed in these machines for about 48 hours until they turn into cream chocolate from the pressure and heat. Finally, the cream chocolate is put into a tempering machine and the rest of the ingredients are added. The brittle is then coated with this smooth 67% Dominican Republic chocolate. Once cooled and boxed, it's ready for you and your love ones to enjoy. 

Here is a video to tell you more about our partnership with Olive & Sinclair:

Visiting Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Factory

Nibs Aged in Pappy Bourbon Barrels Making Bourbon Brittle Boxing Up the Brittle