Timeless Traditions with Co-Founder, Louise Van Winkle

Our family’s businesses are built on tradition. From the continued use of Pappy’s original bourbon recipe to the three keys that we are now the stewards of, to the myriad holidays and celebrations we continue to enjoy together year after year, we honor our traditions– big and small. This Spring, we are looking forward to celebrating Easter with our families, having backyard shindigs with our friends, and closing out those final weeks of school as our kids prepare for the long-awaited summer. As we revel in this Spring season, we’ll do so with the spirit of timelessness– reinforcing our commitment to our values while welcoming the opportunity for new traditions along the way. 

Here is how we celebrate Spring with our most beloved Southern Traditions with our Co-Founder Louise Van Winkle Breen.

What is your favorite thing about Spring?

I love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the smell of honeysuckle in the air. There’s a sense of new life and energy as the flowers begin to bloom, the birds begin to sing, the weather warms and the days linger longer.  

What do you look forward to doing in the Spring after a long winter?

The freedom to do spend a good portion of my day outside is so refreshing. I try to get my exercise outdoors with trail runs, bike rides, and hikes. We cook more in our backyard and finally get to dip our toes in the pool.

What is the Pappy & Company product you use most in the spring?

Since I try to do more outdoor activities, I am always wearing one of our hats. But this spring, I'll be wearing our performance hat because I sweat a lot and it keeps the moisture away with its breathable wicking material.

What’s your go-to Spring recipe or cocktail?

Definitely margaritas along with fresh salads and anything on the grill. I use our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup instead of simple syrup in my margaritas and I love to add a dash of it to dressings and marinades for cooking. Spring has so many yummy fruits and veggies that make for easy recipes that do not require a lot of prep or ingredients, just tasty fresh flavors straight from the source.

How do you like to celebrate Derby?

While big parties and festive outfits can be fun, Ireally love a low-key day at home, hanging outside doing yard work and watching the TV coverage off and on.  After a day of that, I am usually ready to finally then shower up for a low-key Derby gathering or party that evening with close friends and family.