Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last

When the award-winning journalist Wright Thompson approached our dad Julian Van Winkle about telling his story—how Dad set out to save our family’s storied bourbon barrel at a time—he didn't quite realize what he’d signed up for. He'll be the first to admit, he’s not a natural talker, but Thompson amplified his voice and spun Dad’s truth-is-stranger-than-fiction tale with authenticity and soul. It’s a book our family will cherish for generations, and we hope the bourbon lovers in yours will, too.

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The author swings and misses

Too much of the author's life and family history and not enough Van Winkle family history. Wright just isn't that interesting but keeps throwing his family into the story, comparing how following Julian around makes him feel about his past. I don't care about his past. I'm sure it is a great family, but they have done nothing of interest to sell a book. Very disappointed in this book. Just get the book written from a family member. Complete arrogance on Wrights part to do this and absolutely is a crime to push it as a book about Pappy and bourbon.

Ralph C.
Product Ideas: For myself.
Havent completed my read yet

The paper of the book was very poorly trimmed. The unbound side of the book looks like a mouse chewed on it. Each "bundle" of sheets is good on the bound side, the open side is very very poor quality. Unfortunately, this was my signed copy.

Product Ideas: Presents for bourbon lover and addition to silent auction I donate to a Childhood Cancer 5013C. Wish I had gotten more.
Loved the autograph.

Present and one for a Bourbon basket I donate every year to a nonprofit organization silent auction. DC Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation which I am Director of Development and Fund Raising Volunteer. This year the basket donated grossed $1,000.00. No Pappy Van Winkle in it. But I thought this book autographed will be a great addition.

Mike C.
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Pappy land

What a great book. A lot of information I wasn’t aware of. Easy read also

Hubert H.
Helped me re-live my youth with Julian and his family

Wright does a job comparing his "upbringing" in relationship to how Julian was raised and proceeded to become his own man

Shawn Z.
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Half And Half

My wife purchased this for me as a gift as I am a huge bourbon enthusiast. I was extremely excited to read it and was looking forward to learning the history of the brand from the first hand view of puppy's grandson. Unfortunately only half of the book was about Julian and his family. The other half was about the authors life and his woke political views. I was extremely disappointed and felt if I wanted to know about Wright Thompson's life and marriage I would of read his autobiography. Being he is not famous or talented enough to get people to buy a book about his life he used Julian VanWinkles story as a bait and switch.