The Pappy Tasting Glass

A perfect glass for a perfect drink. Glencairn Crystal in Scotland spent decades perfecting their revolutionary Glencairn Whiskey Glass, a small vessel that’s similar to the copita used by master blenders, but with a more practical design fit for everyday bar use. It features a tapered mouth for tasting ease, while still capturing the nose of the whiskey, and a widened bowl that allows the drinker to fully appreciate the complexities of the whiskey within.

Crafted especially for us by Glencairn Crystal, these 6 oz. lead-free tasting glasses are a must for any bourbon lover's bar. Sold in individual gift boxes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Vincent M.
Product Ideas: I purchased for my personal tasting and gifted a second glass for a good friend.
The Pappy tasting glass enhanced my whisky drinking experience

The Pappy tasting glass makes you appreciate your whisky more by its distinctive design to allow maximum nose, palate and finish experiences.

Bradford Y.
Product Ideas: Great quality and appearance
Glen are crystal

Outstanding for every reason

Joe l.
Product Ideas: To drink out of and for me
Sipping glass

It is a beautiful addition.

Frances H.
Product Ideas: They are for my husband the Bourbon drinker
Pappy Tasting glasses

They are great!

Larry S.
Product Ideas: Purchased for myself and my guests.
Great looking Tasting Glass, Love It!!

I like its shape and size. Perfect for tasting!

David Z.
Excellent glass

I purchased these glasses because I already had some and were very pleased with them.