Custom Table Lighter in Antique Saddle Leather

  • Smooth, classic, luxurious.  Three words that describe this triple torch table lighter and its namesake inspiration. The Gatsby features a classic style and throwback retro lines and its ergonomic design and chromed three lever torch flames promise smooth action and a flawless light each time. Made exclusively for Pappy & Company by Brizard & Co., this Gatsby table lighter is designed with the Pappy logo embossed on antique saddle leather for the perfect mix of elegant display and ultimate functionality. Including a built-in punch cutter and poker to loosen tightly rolled tobacco the Gatsby is a must have statement piece for the sophisticated aficionado.

Customer Reviews

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D. B.
Product Ideas: Bought it to have that special lighter for home and to have a great lighter for my friends to use when they visit.
Table Lighter

What a cool lighter!
I thought it might have been a bit larger in size, but if you want it and you're a cigar smoker then you will know what you're getting! It's pricey but I love it.
I use it for every light, of course!

Stephen M.
Beautiful to look at and just right to hold

Outstanding table lighter; excellent components; beautiful to see and easy to love to use. The leather and metal has a luxurious feel in the hand as it lights each time. Friends enjoy just lighting this lighter once or twice simply because it is fun to notice how smooth the chimney cap glides open and the torch ignites. Adjusting the flame is simple and the dial feels smooth from fully open (+) to closed (-). My smoking friends and I enjoy the enhanced bullet with integrated bolt-action ejection feature. The bottom-stowed poker’s brass pinheaded stud design makes it the perfect size to equally compliment its function and swagger further enhancing the smoking experience.

The cost of one star for this lighter was for three reasons reflecting what I like in a lighter. Another cigar lover might not need these things and might put back the star. 1. I miss the simplicity of a fuel window as the only thing I might ask to add to help take out the guess-work for maintaining such an otherwise excellent lighter. 2. Wish the cigar punch and poker sticker on the bottom of the lighter was the same kind of decal as the valve indicator instead of a label-maker sticker. 3. For a lighter at this price point to have the hinge-pin to the chimney-cover slip out a little each time the cap opens which will need adjustment or a warranty claim is unfortunate.

At the end of the day, it’s a lighter. It works consistently and enhanced the way we lit a number of rounds of cigars in all the ways I know to look for while enjoying a cigar. Yes, I would buy it again and am glad I have it.

Ed C.
Pappy cigars

Looks great lighting up my Flying Pigs!!