Meet The Pappy & Company Team:

We are fortunate to have a brand so many people love and support. What many of our customers don’t know is that we are a lean group that runs this mighty operation. In addition to co-founders and sisters, Louise, Chenault and Carrie, we have eight full time employees, Danielle, Mollie, Elissa, Brittany, Jaclyn, Lauren, Candice, and Jon as well as a great group of fulfillment support. We’re based in two offices, located in Louisville, KY and Sun Valley, Idaho. We all love our jobs, a good cocktail, and the fact that we get to work with such amazing people. We manage all of our customer service, inventory, and order fulfillment in house; and strongly believe that one of the reasons that makes our company great is the ability to oversee every step of the process to ensure the best customer experience possible. We’d love to hear from you anytime, so feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we are doing at

The Founders:

Name: Louise Breen
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Currently lives in: Louisville, KY
Job responsibility: recycling lady and bill payer--not necessarily in that order. I manage the back end of the business (the books, accounting, finances, etc.), HR and oversee daily operations.
Favorite cocktail: definitely tequila on the rocks with a splash of Freshies margarita mix.
Design inspiration: to take it really far out of the box, I’d have to say my sister, Chenault James, who runs Chenault James Interiors. I don’t want to give her a big head but she truly is talented.
Most unique thing I put our syrup and pepper sauce on: I put our maple syrup on just about anything. It cures my late night sugar cravings, like that one night, desperate for sweets, I drizzled it on a bowl of rice checks and peanut butter. It was divine.
In another life I would be: I would probably be living as one of my mom’s dogs! I think her dogs live better than her own children.
Favorite Pappy quote: "We make fine bourbon at a profit if we can, a loss if we must but always fine bourbon.” It reminds me why we run our business the way we do, we always put quality first.
Why I love my job: I love getting to carry on my family's heritage and traditions while employing really passionate and smart people. 

Name: Carrie Greener
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Currently lives in:Sun Valley, Idaho
Job responsibility: front end girl in charge of product development, collaborations, and overall brand vision. I get to be the creative lens of the brand.
Favorite cocktail:Currently it’s a really paired down margarita: tequila, splash of Cointreau, squeeze of lime, and soda water.
Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: Our cutting boards! I leave the small one out in my kitchen for whenever I need to cut something on the go like a piece of fruit or sandwich. It’s also great on the bar for cutting limes and lemons.
Design inspiration: My sister Chenault (of Chenault James Interiors). I think we have similar styles, but she is much better at putting it all together and coming up with an overall vision. Also my grandmother for her love of color like peaches and corals while still feeling calm, neutral, and sophisticated.
Most unique thing I put our syrup and pepper sauce on. For our pepper sauce, there are too many options to decide--I use it on just about anything. Same for our syrup, I use it on everything from breakfast oatmeal and pancakes to marinades and glazes for meats and salmon to dressings for salads and veggies. I guess the most unexpected would be my Vodka Gimlet recipe, which is a shot of vodka, a big squirt of Nellie’s key lime juice and a drizzle of our syrup. Shake it really well with ice, and serve it up in one of our key-etched rocks glasses.
In another life I would be:I don’t know, I really love my life. I am lucky to say I would want to do it all over again if I could choose!
Favorite Pappy quote: "No chemists allowed! Nature and the old-time "know how" of a Master Distiller get the job done here. Because traditional Kentucky whiskey is a natural product, we disdain synthetics, scientists and their accompanying apparatus. This is a Distillery not a whiskey factory." This phrase hung on a sign in front the the still house. Pappy was such a character with his blunt, but honest and simple ways. I'm not sure if it’s learned or just who we are, but knowing how Pappy lived his life and ran his business validates for us that our success comes from being yourself and doing things the right way.
Reason why I love my job: I love my job because I get to work with my sisters and other smart women, give back, be creative, carry on our family's heritage and traditions and share it with the next generation, our children.

    Name: Chenault James
    Hometown:Louisville, KY
    Currently lives in: Louisville, KY
    Job responsibility:Creative team advisor. I run my own interiors design company, Chenault James Interiors, so I do not spend as much time on the day to day side of things. But my sisters always loop me in when it comes to making bigger decisions about the creative direction of the business and love being able to marry my interior design skills with what I can do with Pappy & Company.
    Favorite cocktail:Margarita with Freshies margarita mix and Triple Sec
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: my Corkcicle Canteen Water Bottle
    Design inspiration: one of many is my late friend and artist Marge Tilley who reinforced for me that there are no rules when it comes to being creative.
    Most unique thing you put our syrup on. I eat waffles almost every morning so although it’s far from unique, my most authentic answer our maple syrup on waffles!
    In another life I would be: I seriously would have to say I’d be my same old self and living in my hometown.
    Favorite Pappy quote: “Why ship all that water all over the country?” When asked why he doesn’t sell anything under 100 proof. Pappy always believed in quality first and never diluting that.
    Reason why I love my job: I am grateful to have a career where I get to be myself and express my creativity through two different businesses along with having an amazing team of women to get to work with. Mixing business and family is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

    The Rest of the Pappy & Company Team: 

    Name: Mollie Patton
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA
    Currently lives in:Sun Valley, Idaho
    Job responsibility: Marketing Mavin, I oversee everything from brand strategy to partnerships to website management and work closely with Carrie on new product development.
    Favorite cocktail: Despite the fact that we are a bourbon inspired lifestyle brand, I have to admit I am on the margarita train with most of the team. It is hard to beat tequila, fresh grapefruit juice and a splash of seltzer served in ourPappy Rocks Glasses.
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: this is a toss up, because I am loving our newCorkcicle Stemless Glasses perfect for coffee, cocktails and anything on the go but I’m also a huge fan of ourJ. Stark Waxed Canvas Wine Tote which I use as a lunch bag daily.
    Design inspiration:Fashion, I love Milly. Her collectionepitomizes bold, advanced contemporary fashion with a feminine edge. Design, I love mixing more traditional structures with bolder more contemporary prints. I think brands like Serena & Lily and One Kings Lane do a great job at this.  Photography: I am biased but my husbandTucker Patton travels the world for work and captures so much beauty in his outdoor adventures. I find it so inspiring.
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and pepper sauce on. I have been eating a lot of ice cream lately (serious pregnancy craving) so topping vanilla ice cream with ourmaple syrup is a go to for me. I put ourpepper sauce on just about everything from eggs to fish tacos to mixing it with full fat greek yogurt which makes a spicy dip I love to use with veggies.
    In another life I would be: right where I am. I am lucky to say I am really living my dream life, living in my dream location doing what I love most.
    Reason why I love my job: I get to work with incredibly talented and creative women, building a great brand that is inspired by so many things I love like family, food, design, and culture.

    Name:Elissa Arnold
    Hometown:  St. Louis, MO
    Currently lives in:Louisville, KY 
    Job title/responsibilities:Customer Service and Fulfillment Manager
    Favorite cocktail:It must be a team thing, I love a margarita with Tres Agaves, a little Cointreau, club soda and some fresh oranges.
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without:I am torn between our white Corkcicle stemless tumbler and our barrel aged hot sauce, they are both every day staples in my life.
    Design inspiration:Architect Tim Barber and our favorite designer, Chenault James. She truly is one of a kind. 
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on:Dousing the syrup on waffles isn't that unique but that's where it always ends up. As far as the hot sauce, I find myself and everyone in my family, putting it on pretty much everything! It's just the right amount of heat for anything.
    In another life I would be:Probably our dog.
    Why I love my job:It doesn't really feel like a 'job' to me. I love coming to work everyday and working alongside this strong, smart and fun group of people. We are all great friends too, which is hard to come by. Additionally, it can be challenging trying to find the right balance between work and home life. I feel really lucky to work for a company that values and supports both! 

    Name: Danielle Wrobleski Schaefer 
    Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
    Currently lives in: Louisville, KY
    Job title/responsibilities:Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    Favorite cocktail: Margarita with salt!
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: Camo Trucker Hat - the perfect compliment to activewear! 
    Design inspiration: The local thrift shop
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on: The hot sauce goes on everything and the stopper is removed for a maximum pour.
    In another life I would be: A Yogi
    Why I love my job: The owners truly care about their employees and do the right thing.

    Name:Candice Berry
    Hometown: Louisville, Ky
    Currently lives in: Louisville, KY
    Job title/responsibilities:Fulfillment Associate
    Favorite cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without:Our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup
    Design inspiration:HGTV! I love everything on the channel. I like all types of designs.
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on:Peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches.
    In another life I would be: I would have been born in the 60's so I could be in my 20's in the 80's. I always thought those times looked so fun. I would have tried to get on soul train.
    Why I love my job: I love the people here and the home away from home feel. Everyone here is so nice and genuinely cares about one another.

    Name: Brittany Clark
    Hometown: Louisville, KY
    Currently lives in:  Louisville, KY
    Job title/responsibilities: Inventory & Operations Manager
    Favorite cocktail: Old Fashioned. I used to make it from scratch but once I found the Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix I was hooked!  It makes the best cocktails and it's so much easier!
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: It's hard to choose one, but I'll go with Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup.  I use it in cocktails, homemade salad dressings, coffee, drizzled over roasted brussels sprouts, marinades for salmon and so many other things! It is my honey and sugar substitute in most recipes.  The uses are endless!  
    Design inspiration: Our beautiful office provides daily inspiration for sure! Chenault and her team are always rearranging furniture, artwork and other decor to keep things fresh and beautiful! It's definitely a plus to work in such a cozy space. 
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on: Most unique for our syrup might be brussels sprouts but it's a common use in my house. The hot sauce pretty much goes on everything, but it might be my favorite with smoked tuna dip or egg-in-a-hole.
    In another life I would be: Probably a chef. I'm constantly trying new recipes and love spending time in the kitchen.  Meal prep and cooking new recipes is like therapy to me!
    Why I love my job: From day one I was welcomed in as if we'd all been friends for years! It truly feels like a home away from home and I appreciate how genuine and caring everyone is. I love small business and I'm so happy I found such an amazing company to work for.


    Name:  Lauren Thompson
    Hometown: Louisville, KY
    Currently lives in: Louisville, KY
    Job title/responsibilities: Business Manager
    Favorite cocktail: Amaretto Sour
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: The  Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is amazing! It makes me excited for Sunday pancakes. 
    Design inspiration: Anything Joanna Gaines!
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on: I love using our syrup to make Dalgona Coffee, it adds something special to an already aesthetically pleasing treat. 
    In another life I would be: An actress, I did theater arts in high school and I loved it. 
    Why I love my job: I love my job because I love this company.  We are growing and glowing in the right direction.  Everyday brings fun and interesting nuances, but the tone of the day is always the same: stay authentic, give great customer service, and remember our Key values.

    Name: Jon Nichols
    Hometown: Puyallup, WA (pronounced Puu-all-up)
    Currently lives in:  Louisville, KY
    Job title/responsibilities: I manage the day-to-day fulfillment operations for the e-commerce business. This includes receiving product,  inventory management, data analysis and forecasting, and outbound shipping to our wonderful customers around the US. 
    Favorite cocktail: I enjoy a good whiskey sour with bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup and an orange peel.
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: Our shirts and apparel are amazing quality and have the softest cotton in the world - perfect for snuggling up with a loved one on the weekend. 
    Design inspiration: Simple and clean - where everything has a purpose and has bright colors. 
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on: You can put our maple syrup into your whiskey sour instead of the simple syrup for a delicious twist.
    In another life I would be: A meteorologist working for the National Weather Service or NOAA. I used to have a Weather Channel jacket in middle school and did the weather forecast on our morning announcements. 
    Why I love my job: It's challenging. I'm surrounded by amazing people who push me to be my best. Everyone here has a feeling that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and they are willing to do what it takes to make sure Pappy Co. stays authentic to its roots, regardless of how big we get or who we serve. 
    Name:Todd Switzer
    Hometown: Louisville
    Currently lives in:  Louisville
    Job title/responsibilities:Warehouse/Receiving
    Favorite cocktail: Bourbon on the rocks
    Pappy & Company item I can’t live without: cigars
    Design inspiration:Father   
    Most unique thing I put our syrup and hot sauce on:syrup brussel sprouts  hot sauce mixed with bbq sauce
    In another life I would be: world traveler
    Why I love my job:relaxed and family oriented