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Reclaimed Pappy Barrel Museum Bee by Trace Mayer - Brass Keys

What exactly is a Museum Bee? Essentially they are antique frames repurposed into tiny works of art. Chenault has been commissioning custom Museum Bees for her clients for years, as a way to infuse charm, elegance and personal effects into her projects. Aligning with our goal of sustainably reusing our barrel stave wood, we’ve worked with Louisville artist, and Museum Bee creator, Trace Mayer, to craft our very own.

Using a variety of antiques and vintage ornaments, charms and any discovered treasures, Trace Mayer crafts these entirely unique works of art. Hang in a gallery wall, on your bar, above or alongside paintings or hanging plates, or just simply set alongside a table top display for a special and singular decorative element.

Our Pappy & Company Museum Bees are handcrafted by Trace, in partnership with Chenault James Interiors, using our genuine retired Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Stave wood and featuring our signature Pappy & Company Keys in a brass relief. The symbolism of the keys, which  originally hung on Pappy’s office door to represent the five elements of the bourbon making process, have come to visually define Pappy’s legacy and the Southern traditions of hospitality and enjoying the finer things in life that he embraced. Due to the nature of crafting these with reclaimed barrel stave woods means that each Museum Bee is completely unique and includes the signature markings that honor the bourbon making process.

3.25" x 3.25"

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John l.

Reclaimed Pappy Barrel Museum Bee by Trace Mayer - Brass Keys

Product Ideas: My husband and son.
Delicate and beautiful!

I loved the delicate design and historical reference to the original distillery.

Sheryl K.
Product Ideas: For our home
All good!

Love the little museum bee! It is definitely small, but looks great hanging in our butler’s pantry/bar!

Liza K.
Product Ideas: Self.
Positively love our Pappy 🐝

Great collaboration between Pappy and Museum Bees. Our Pappy Bee is a wonderful addition to our swarm. 🥃🐝