Handmade Ceramic Thumbprint Cup

  • Hand-thrown by our friends at Elements Clay Studio in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, this appealingly primitive cup is destined to supplant all other drinking vessels on your home bar or in your kitchen.

    Why? Well, at Pappy & Company, we love it for its unique organic shape, complete with a thumb indentation for added comfort, but mostly, the weight of the Kentucky stoneware just feels exceptionally good in your hands when you're sipping your favorite bourbon or maybe even for your morning cup of coffee. This thumbprint cup is versatile in its daily applications.

Customer Reviews

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Jerry S.
It’s going to be a gift, but looks impressive

I’m giving this as a gift, but it really looks easy to handle and carry

Joyce E.

Absolutely beautiful,now,if I could have a bottle of Pappy Bourbon😊

Stefan F.
Handmade Ceramic Thumbprint Cup

Love it! Wonderful for cold drinks! Cheers !

LOVE these Thumb Print mugs!!!

I bought these mugs (4) for my son as a Father’s Day gift. He LOVED them! He’s been looking for something like these but they turned out to be better than expected. Please thank the artisan that produced these beautiful mugs!! Also, thank YOU, Pappy’s for making them available to US!!

Dr. F.A.J.
Something Different

The Thumb Prit ceramic mug is pretty awesome first it actually keeps the drink cooler, next overtime the cup will take on the flavor profiles of each different drink poured so imagine your sipping cup infused with each different scotch or bourbon...Prety awesome...