Pappy & Company Trucker Hat in Olive

  • There’s not much we enjoy more than a day on the lake and nobody loved a round of 18 more than our Pappy, but it’s also important to keep your skin protected. Sunscreen’s a good start, but go the extra mile and shield yourself from the sun’s rays in style with one of our Pappy & Company trucker hats, destined to be a much-loved favorite.

    Because our trucker hats continue to be bestsellers, so we have added a few new designs to the collection, including this classically good-looking oliver trucker with our Pappy & Company logo in charcoal gray on a retro white patch that’s stitched to the hat’s durable oxford-cloth front panel. Ventilated and adjustable, the back panel of the olive trucker features a velcro closure.

Customer Reviews

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Kirby H.
Product Ideas: Im a hat kinda guy...

Perfect fit, great conversation starter!

Product Ideas: Christmas gift for my husband
Great Customer Service

The hat is great quality. There was a shipping delay with receiving my item and the customer service was phenomenal!!!! Would not hesitate to order again.

Laurie R.
Product Ideas: My Dad, the grandkids call Pappy. He loved it 💕


Guerino F.

Love it!!!

James F.
I love my PAPPY hat!

High quality, elegant styling. Arrived on time. No complaints. Actually, In three short days this hat has changed my life. First, I was walking down the street (with my hat on) and Kate Beckinsdale was coming my way in the other direction...we're now married. The next, I bought a MegaMillions lottery ticket (with the same hat on)...yep, I won $445 million. Then this morning, I went out to get the paper (with said hat still on), but slipped, konked my head, then woke up and quickly mapped out a clean process to convert any kind of plastic into 100% oure water that will end all droughts and feed crops, forever!. I just ordered another hat.