Cherry Whiskey Sour

An inspired and delicious craft cocktail from famed Chef Charlie Palmer 

Distilled: Cherry Whiskey Sour

Expanding into the culinary world has been an amazing venture for us, because in case it isn’t readily obvious - we really, really, really enjoy good food and good drinks. Crafting products that are functional, delicious and can be used in a variety of recipes from easy cocktails to surprising desserts that we could enjoy was always the goal, and to share them with incredible home chefs and professional chefs is truly beyond our wildest dreams.

We’ve been fortunate to be brought into the incredible culinary world alongside our dad, who has built connections and friendships all over the world. When he was honored with the James Beard Award in 2011, the epitome of culinary and spirit distinction, we were able to meet, dine and drink with the literal best of the best and have been blown away by the support and welcome that our little brand has received. 

Anytime we are able to work with one of these amazing chefs and, dream of dreams, collaborate with them, we truly pinch ourselves. Renowned Chef Charlie Palmer of, of the eponymous Charlie Palmer Collective, is one of those chefs who occupy exalted status, and for very good reason. His restaurants, bars, cookbooks and just general approach and aesthetic, set the standard for elevated, sophisticated, progressive, adventurous and of course, delicious, American fare. 

As an early advocate for "farm over factory," Chef Palmer helped to usher in the understanding that you can feel and taste the difference that fresh, local, sustainable farm ingredients make.  His legacy and impact on the restaurant industry is as aspirational and impressive as his ability to remain curious, inventive and committed to his original vision and his sense of self. His landmark, award winning restaurant,  Aureole, in New York City, enjoyed an  incredibly impressive 30 year run, where it earned 13 Michelin starts and two James Beard awards. He has since expanded his signature style coast to coast, that each embody his trademark genuine hospitality and unique experience. 

Needless to say, when he took the time to personally craft a signature cocktail for us using our new Kentucky Sour Mixer and our new Spicy Syrup, we were blown away.  Chef Palmer's Cherry Whiskey Sour is a tart, refreshing cocktail with surprising combinations and a touch of heat, that just like Chef Palmer, is a true delight that honors regional and flavorful ingredients. Chef Palmer recommends pairing this drink with a fresh summer salad, cherry crostata or a delicious steak herbaceous chimichurri and notes the balance of sweet and sour and the aroma hinting of citrus, cherry and spice! 

Featuring the flavor of tart citrus and wildflower honey slowly smoked over retired Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels from our Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixer, with fresh cherry puree, egg white, fresh lemon juice and a hint of sweet heat from our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Spicy Syrup, for a truly unique, fresh, bright and rich twist on a traditional whiskey sour. Making this cocktail collaboration even sweeter? Working with our longtime friends and partners Orasella Cherries, who embody the same passion for home-grown, regional flavor, and quality ingredients, whose Washington grown maraschino cherries are the perfect complement to Chef Palmer's Cherry Whiskey Sour. 

Suggested Glassware:  Signature Keys Double Old Fashioned 

What a dream to collaborate on this delicious cocktail with a Chef we admire so much! 
Carrie Van Winkle Greener, Co-Founder

Chef Palmer's Cherry Whiskey Sour
Ingredients for this recipe:


1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. 

2. Shake for 30 seconds.  

3. Add in ice, and shake for another 30 seconds. 

4. Strain into a chilled rocks glass and garnish with 3  cherries. Enjoy!