Green Tea Sour

Hints of sweet fruit and bourbon barrel smoked honey meet the spice of ginger beer and green tea for a refreshing and delicious mocktail! 

Distilled: Mocktail Recipes: Green Tea Sour

The newest addition to our collection of gourmet, barrel-aged food and cocktail mixers is so simply delicious it not only makes crafting a few of our favorite cocktails as easy as pour, stir, sip - it is also so yummy we wouldn't mind enjoying it as is! Which makes it the perfect mixer for cocktails and mocktails for any occasion!

Our Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixerwill quickly become your go-to for whipping up master mixologist approved whiskey sours or a tasty new twist on a classic margarita, but it also gives us the opportunity to create some delicious new mocktail recipes! Combining the perfect balance of  honey gently smoked over our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels, with refreshingly tart fresh lemon juice and the subtle hint of bitter orange peel, our Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixer was well worth the wait! 

Our Green Tea Sour blends the perfect amount of spice and ginger from ginger beer to the natural flavor of green tea to the refreshingly tart and subtly smoky Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixer for a simple, delicious and surprising mocktail to enjoy anytime!

Suggested Glassware: Signature Keys Double Old Fashioned 

A delicious blend of flavors creates a mocktail perfect for any occasion!
Louise Breen, Co-Founder

Ingredients For This Recipe:


How To Prepare


Brew a cup of your favorite green tea.


Once cooled, pour green tea over ice into a cocktail shaker.  


Add Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixerand shake until ice cold.


Top with ginger beer. 


Garnish with a lemon wheel and enjoy!