Get to know the Corona Viva Cigar with Julian Van Winkle

One of our dad’s favorite pairings has always been bourbon with a cigar. With the recent release of our newest Limited Edition Cigar: the Corona Viva, we took this opportunity to get our dad’s initial thoughts on this wildly popular cigar size and blend to share with you!

Before we jump in, here are a few things you should know about our new Corona Viva…It’s the perfect cigar for both seasoned and new smokers who are looking for a pin-pointed focus on the Barrel-Fermented tobacco blend. Its smaller size makes it extremely approachable, and the perfect travel companion for all of your summer adventures. It’s a symbol of subtle, yet distinct luxury. If you don’t trust us, trust our dad!

Julian Van Winkle on a doc with cigars and a drinkCigars and an old fashioned on a dock. 

How does the Corona compare to your "go to" cigar smoke?

It's got all the special notes of the barrel fermented but packed into a smaller cigar so the flavors are even more robust.

Favorite cocktail to enjoy with your Corona cigar?

Rye whiskey on the rocks. It goes well with this more robust flavor profile. Rye isn't as sweet as bourbon, so the spicier rye can hold its own to this Corona. I'd suggest trying any rye with the Corona Viva for sure!

Favorite time and place to smoke a Corona cigar?

Sitting on the dock in Michigan after a family dinner.

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