Practicing Sustainability at Pappy & Company

At Pappy and Company, one of our core values is to always do the right thing. This extends to our impact on the planet and how we can become a positive force in the e-commerce industry. We know our packing materials that ship to your home leave an impact on the world around us. We wanted to be more thoughtful about this impact and how we can make it better. 


We have taken a number of steps to put this action plan into place. We opted to remove items like our packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap, which end up in landfills and cause long-term environmental harm. We’re pleased to announce that all of our shipping box materials moving forward are 100% curbside recyclable. This includes everything from the paper wrap protecting our glassware, to the material used to secure the product in the box. We ask that you please recycle in your home or business, and help us continue to be a sustainable solution for our plant. Outside of our shipping boxes, we are also excited to announce we will be prototyping a new bubble mailer that can be compostable within six months and go back into the earth. We want to be the leaders in this space and learn from other positive companies that are making an impact.

In addition, we have intentionally purchased a large percentage of our products from vendors that are located around the state of Kentucky and this region of the US, to support the notion of shopping local and helping small businesses thrive. This also reduces the carbon footprint from freight and fuel usage in order to get the products to our site. Our shipping carrier of choice, UPS, has also been a trendsetter for the transportation industry in regard to environmental impact. UPS deploys more than 13,000 low-emission vehicles around the world, and UPS drivers log more than one million miles every business day in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

We want to celebrate our successes thus far for creating a positive impact on our planet, but we also plan to continue to push forward with even better ways to offset our carbon footprint, reduce the amount of waste we produce, and align with products and companies that live by the same set of values. Let’s make the world a better place for our children and their children.

Thank you for shopping with Pappy & Company.