Getting Outside With Burly: No Bad Seat At The Fire

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If there’s one thing I love most about living in the mountains of Sun Valley, ID is the fact that I get to spend so much time outside. I came to Sun Valley right after graduating from college in South Carolina and haven’t left. I’ve lived here nearly 20 years, and in that time, met my husband, had two boys, started Pappy & Company with my sisters, and have continued to grow my passion for the outdoors. From mountain biking and trail running to barbeques and camping, I feel so grateful to be surrounded by so much beauty and outdoor space. And while my heart will always be in Kentucky, my life out west in the mountains has added a new perspective to how we grow Pappy & Company and the products we develop.

So when one of our old friends and founder of Burly USA outdoor fire pits, Miles Clarkson, who also shares a love for Sun Valley and the South, told us about his latest venture, it seemed like a great partnership opportunity. Both brands appreciate well-made practical goods, quality design, and outdoor living, so our products naturally complement each other wherever you take them.

Burly’s story is simple: no one should have a bad seat at the fire, because no one likes to be in the smoke.Thus, the birth of the Burly… a heavy-duty, long-lasting fire feature that is easy to start and, more importantly, made to reduce smoke. Because the worst part about any campfire is having to play musical chairs every time the wind shifts. With the Burly fire pit you don't have to worry about the smoke thanks to its specially designed flange and airflow system which vaporizes the smoke almost entirely. So, whether you’re sitting on your backyard patio or camping in the mountains, thanks to the Burly there is no bad seat at the fire.

Miles had one shipped out to us in Sun Valley to give it a test run and we decided to head out to one of our favorite lookouts for an evening cookout and cocktails. Of course, we brought along all of our Pappy & Company grilling essentials including our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce for the sausages and Single-Serve Old Fashioned Mixers for cocktails. 

Setting up the firepit and grill feature was simple and thanks to the “Burly” gloves it was also easy to handle and extinguish at the end of the night. We got to grilling sausages and making Old Fashioneds as we soaked up the scenery and no complaints of smoke. Maybe the second best thing about the Burly is its portability. We can take it to the cabin, the lake or keep it set up in our backyard. With the bed of our pickup truck as a picnic table, the Burly burning bright as the boys made smores, and my husband and I enjoying a peaceful night by the fire, we were grateful for the new barbeque addition that we plan to take with us on many more outdoor adventures.

So as many of us find ourselves getting creative when it comes to eating out, traveling, and just getting out of the house, the Burly is proving to be a perfect outdoor companion. 

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Photo credit: Ray Gadd Photography