How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Pappy taught us that good things take time. And just like fine bourbon, a good cup of coffee can be a matter of patience, precision and a bit of waiting. Thankfully a cup of coffee doesn't take 23 years to age, like our family's bourbon, but we are learning that there is a big difference between instant coffee and finely brewed coffee. So if you're like us and just assumed that making a cup of coffee is as simple as pressing a button on your coffee machine, think again. While that may be the easiest and fastest way to make your coffee, we're quickly learning that taking a few extra steps, just like Pappy did, can make all the difference in how you enjoy our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee beans.

We met with our friends at Good Folks Coffee, co-producers of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, to understand what it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee. It doesn't need to be intimidating or require lots of fancy machinery, but we do think these key tips and principles will help you enjoy our beans the way they were meant to be consumed.

The Big Four:

  • Ratio: the amount fo coffee to water
  • Size: the average particle size of ground coffee
  • Time: from the instant the water touches the coffee to the time it finishes draining
  • Temperature: 200 to 208 degrees F is considered a good range, we think 205 is the magic number

Picking Your Device:

  • Auto Drip: you’re an auto drip person because the thought of making coffee before you’ve already had a cup of coffee hurts your head. No judgement here.
  • French Press: you’ll like this device if you enjoy being outdoors and treasure your cast iron cookware.
  • Chemex: good for folks who like to do things by hand: charcoal grill owners, knitters, wood-carvers, people who make pie dough from scratch.
  • V-60: if you’d like to experience a more freestyle approach to manual coffee brewing.
  • Aeropress: equally suited to the first-time brewer as it is to the seasoned professional. There are many ways of brewing with this fun device.

Pro Tips:

  • Grind Fresh: just before brewing is best
  • Bloom: think fresh flowers meets coffee. Adding water to fresh coffee releases carbon dioxide, which causes the coffee to “bloom.”
  • Don't Guess: a scale is a valuable tool in brewing coffee
  • Temperature Matters: boiled water removed from heat will lose approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit every 12 seconds. This rule-of-thumb can help you find your desired temperature.
  • Make a Mess: freshly ground coffee sometimes gives off papery flakes called “chaff” that can sometimes make a mess
  • Preheat: pouring hot coffee into a cold mug will cool the coffee down quite rapidly. Preheat the mug with hot water while your coffee is brewing.

At the end of the day, coffee (just like bourbon) is a personal preference. Everyone likes a slightly different flavor profile, and it's just about experimenting to find your perfect cup. We'd love to hear your coffee tips, so be sure to tag us @PappyandCo and @GoodFolksCoffee with your favorite cup of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee. #pappyandco 

For more details on brew methodology by device, be sure to download the complete brew guide here.

Thanks for reading and happy brewing!