Our 2019 Holiday Shopping List: Founder’s Favorites

We asked Pappy & Company's co-founders Chenault, Louise and Carrie Van Winkle, to share theirholiday shopping list with us, to help with the best gift-giving ideas for mom and dad, husbands and sisters, and even yourself.

Everyone deserves something special this holiday season! Who better to ask than Pappy Van Winkle’s three great-granddaughters for the best bourbon-inspired gift ideas? Happy holidays and happy shopping, we hope you find the perfect bourbon-inspired gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

Enjoy shopping our entireFounder’s Favorites Collection here!

  • Gift for Him 
  • Gift for Her 
    • Carrie:Our custom collection of J. Stark luggage pieces. They are great looking and really functional. I love how they wear in, and the canvas weathers over time.The Carryall Tote Bag goes from groceries to the beach and I useThe Weekender all the time for travel.
    • Louise:OurBarrel Stave Bowl. It’s the perfect piece that can travel from the kitchen as a fruit bowl, to the sideboard in the dining room with seasonal decorations, or as a platter for appetizers when you’re entertaining.  
    • Chenault:OurBourbon Barrel Hoop Sculpture. It won’t break the bank, and who couldn’t use an art piece with a great story behind it?

  • Gift for Myself
    • Carrie:The entireClayton & Crume leather line, because it’s all the things I would use, but never buy for myself.
    • Louise: I’d takethe entireCorkcicle line of custom Pappy & Company walnut wood glassware including the tumblers, canteens, and the new coffee mug. 
    • Chenault:Our customAsa Pewter Barrel Beaker. It's beautiful as a drinking vessel, displayed on a bookcase, or holding a floral arrangement.
  • Gift for Pappy
    • Carrie:Any of our customSilver Wilson pieces. He would appreciate the craftmanship and how frosty they keep your bourbon.
    • Louise: OurCustom Handmade Humidor is truly a one of a kind collector’s piece.  I know Pappy would appreciate its fine craftsmanship, unique use of the barrel staves, and beautiful design details.
    • Chenault:Any of ourBarrel Fermented Cigars. Pappy loved his cigars! 

  • Most Unique Gift
    • Carrie:Definitely for this season, our newCustom Handmade Humidor. You can’t find anything like it.
    • Louise: OurBourbon Barrel-Aged PureMaple Syrup. It's so over the top delicious and unlike anything else available. I put it on everything!
    • Chenault:Our cigars! Not many people realize what goes into the making of our barrel fermented cigars. It’s a process that originates with tobacco grown and fire-cured in Kentucky, then fermented in bourbon barrels in St. James Parrish, Louisiana, and then goes on to Nicaragua, where they are hand-rolled and aged before arriving at our headquarters in Louisville, KY.

Here’s to holiday shopping for all of the bourbon enthusiasts on your list. Enjoy shopping our entire collection ofFounder’s Favorites here. We hope this helps you find something special for everyone (including yourself) to put under the tree this holiday season. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love (and bourbon)!

-Carrie, Louise & Chenault Van Winkle, @PappyandCo