Partner Spotlight: Clayton & Crume from Louisville, KY

Like many great entrepreneurial ventures, Clay and Tyler, founders of Clayton & Crume met in college.They began their creative journey with the simple idea that, just as the heirloom pieces passed down from their fathers and grandfathers, stood the test of time, all leather goods should be built to last. Approaching the post-graduate world as young professionals, nearly everything they found, from go-to department stores to online retailers, couldn’t live up to the standards they were raised to uphold. To ensure quality, integrity, and longevity they knew they had to make these goods on their own. And so it started with one belt, made by hand, built to last a lifetime. We knew they had the right idea when they said they treated their goods like a fine bottle of bourbon, which only would get better with age.

Clayton & Crume’s hope is to convey a dedication to Kentucky craftsmanship through each hand-hewn creation of American made goods and matchless heirloom quality. Ideally, each piece becomes a part of the customer’s everyday story. And in doing so, reducing the need for mass production by creating something you can be proud to use. Ultimately ensuring the Clayton & Crume trademark lives on for generations to come. 

Raised in the rolling bluegrass of Kentucky, Clay and Tyler’s connection to their brand promise is bounded by their native state's deep-rooted tradition of a hard day's work, an honest approach, and the fulfillment earned by forging something with your own two hands. Like fine bourbon, they were aged amongst Kentucky's long-standing culture of grit, gumption, and a refined pallet. At their core, much like Pappy & Company, the team stands behind their principles, which drive them to create from a place of integrity.  

Since opening Pappy & Company’s doors to our retail store in Nulu, located at 843 East Market Street, we have been fortunate to have great neighbors, like Clayton & Crume, join us. Bourbon fans themselves, Tyler and Clay have a bottle of 12 and 15 year Pappy on display for all their visitors and patrons to admire and a natural source of conversation. So it was only a matter of time before Clay and Tyler came knocking on our door down the street. We were apologetic in letting them know the family bourbon wasn’t for sale, but a great partnership with shared values and vision was a strong second offer.

There are a lot of leather makers out there. But we knew Clayton & Crume was the right partner for us when they told us their core values include quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. Since launching this collaboration, we have worked on five custom pieces for Pappy & Company including a Kentucky leather nameplate belt, leather can hugger, leather pocket journal, leather padfolio, and leather sunglasses strap. We would love to work on other custom pieces with them and have even explored the idea of a custom barware line with leather-wrapped glassware ...hint hint.

With eighteen employees and seven years under their belt (pardon the pun), we are excited to welcome Clayton & Crume to the NuLu neighborhood. We know they are only growing, just like the rest of us, and look forward to seeing where the brand goes.