Pappy & Company's Team Holiday Wishlist

This holiday season, here at Pappy & Company, we feel very fortunate to be gifted with talented co-workers, our incredible friends and family and most of all our health. 2020 has been a challenging year for so many of us and we certainly do not take for granted the fact that we feel like an exception to what was a very hard year for so many people. Many of the restaurants and bars we love no longer operate, numerous retail stores big and small had to close their doors, and far too many people will be forced to spend the holidays apart from the ones they love most. Despite these hardships, we try to remember the good and remind ourselves that 2021 is a new year filled with lots of hope ahead. 

And while shopping and gift giving might feel a bit strange in times like these, we also know that thoughtful gifts can bring smiles to so many near and far. We asked our team to share a few of their thoughts on holiday gifts and traditions, as inspiration for how others might choose to celebrate this season. Happy holidays from the entire team at Pappy & Company!

Co-Founder Carrie Van Winkle Greener:

This season Carrie plans to gift herself the newest and largestPappy & Company handmade stave cutting board. She says, “the bigger size square cutting board made out of our barrel staves by local artisan Jason Cohen is so practical to use for every day prep, but also great for entertaining, and the size is unique.” As for the rest of her family, Carrie will be gifting our line ofClayton & Crume leather accessories, especially the belt, because “they're not something one would normally purchase for themselves, but would be a great useful gift that will last forever.” 

Thinking back to her favorite childhood holiday tradition, Carrie shares “on Christmas morning our parents would make us wait on the top of the stairs without peeking at the tree until they got the fire started, made hot chocolate, and turned on Vienna Boys' Choir version of Little Drummer Boy before we could stampede down the stairs.” She says that “the thing I am most grateful for this holiday season is definitely my husband and two boys I get to share the season with since we won't be seeing much family this year, but I am also grateful to think about when we do get back to normal we will appreciate our time together that much more.”

Co-Founder Louise Van Winkle Breen:

This season Louise plans to gift herself the newestPappy & Company white coffee mug by Corkcicle. Louise has busy days juggling the responsibilities of three children and being a co-founder who oversees the daily operations of our Kentucky team, so coffee is a must for her! Louise says that she plans to give her father in law theCigar Sampler Gift Set which features some of our best selling cigars and cigar accessories. 

Thinking back to her favorite childhood holiday tradition, Louise shares “going to my aunt and uncle's house on Christmas Eve is such a special time. We have the same food every year. We all devour a carrot dip our Great Aunt used to always make.” In thinking about this season, Louise notes that the thing she is most grateful for this holiday season is “our health and a cozy safe home.”

Co-Founder Chenault Van Winkle James:

Chenault is co-founder of Pappy & Company as well as owner of Chenault James Interiors. As a busy mom of two plus managing two businesses, she loves to come home and enjoy a delicious Old Fashioned by the fire, this time of year. Which is why she’ll be gifting herself a bottle of ourBittermilk Old Fashioned Mix. And for her husband, who is a big fan of our soft, easy to wear tri-blend tees, who always wants to make sure he has the latest colors and designs, she’ll be giving himour newest tee shirt designs in short and long sleeved

As a young girl, Chenault thinks back to decorating the Christmas tree and listening to classic Christmas songs in the background of her parent’s house. A cherished childhood tradition she continues with her own two children, My favorite childhood holiday tradition/memory. “There is nothing like feeling the joy and excitement of Christmas coming as a young child.” Like many, Chenault says that her health, family and the fact that she has work flexibility as she manages online schooling are her greatest gifts this season. 

Human Resources Director: Danielle

Danielle always looks the part in one of our trucker hats and claims “you can never have too many” which is why she’ll be gifting herself our newestPappy & Company trucker hat in olive green. And for her father, she will be giving him ourhandmade barrel stave knife who has become quite the gourmet in his recent retirement. “I'm excited to give him something unique, that I know he does not have!”

Growing up in New York, Danielle recalls going to the NYC Ballet Nutcracker with her family, as her favorite holiday memory. “I have gone almost every year since I was 4 this year would have been my 40th Nutcracker (please don't do the math!) When we were kids my sister and I would dance around the living room when we got home pretending to be Marie.” She too is so grateful for the health of her family and friends, especially this year.

Wholesale Manager: Jaclyn

It’s hard to resist the feel of our ultra soft tri-blend tee shirts, which is why Jaclyn will be gifting herself ournewest shirt designs in the unisex sizing along with the newPappyland book she plans to enjoy by the fire this holiday season. As for the rest of her family, she will be giving them bottles of ourBourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup so they can enjoy the rich flavor this maple syrup can bring to their favorite foods. 

Jaclyn says that her favorite childhood holiday memory is “definitely running around my grandparents’ house ready to open presents! As the only child, I have always been delegated as the one who hands out the Christmas presents to my family members sitting around our Christmas tree. I have always been excitable and happy to see others give presents and to see others light up with big smiles when they open their gifts. My grandmother had a rule that we always had to wait until it got dark on Christmas Eve after dinner before we could open presents. As soon as that happened, we would run to the Christmas tree and everyone would get settled in their places for a fun night ahead of Christmas cheer.” Jaclyn is most grateful for her friends and family this holiday season. “They are my support system and biggest cheerleaders in life. I am very thankful for their love, encouragement and for their health this holiday season and every day.” 

Associate: Lauren 

Lauren has her eye on our newestCorkcicle 60-oz. Stainless Canteen in Gloss White this season. She says that the large format “will encourage me to drink more water.” She will be giving her parents the 

Pappy Hour Old Fashioned Gift Set, which she thinks is a great gift set to bring out around happy hour to help wind down after a busy day. Lauren’s favorite childhood Christmas tradition is going with her family to Huber's Farm to cut down their Christmas Tree. “Every year a few weeks before Christmas my family would go to Huber's Farm where we would get Hot Apple Cider and catch a wagon ride to one of their many Christmas Tree fields.  Each year a different person in my family would get to pick the Christmas tree, and it was always extra special when it was my year!” Lauren is most grateful for the health, love, time spent, and support of her family and friends. “There's nothing better than that,” she says.”

Inventory Manager: Brittany 

Brittany says she plans to gift herself a copy of the recently publishedPappyland book, “I'm excited to learn even more about the history of the business and I think it will be a great conversation piece for my coffee table. She plans to buy her husband one of our newHigh Camp Flasks.  “I think it will be the perfect addition to his golf bag and great for camping too!”

Her favorite childhood holiday memory is when “our mom and dad would drive us around to look at Christmas lights, while we sang Christmas songs at the top of our lungs! I'm sure we were annoying but they didn't show it and my sister and I loved every minute of it!” Brittany is most grateful this holiday season for the health of her family, friends and co-workers.

Customer Service Manager: Elissa

Elissa has her eye on ournew large format cutting board, which she thinks “is the perfect size for both cooking and using as an entertaining piece.” Elissa will be giving her father a copy ofPappyland this holiday season and thinks he will enjoy learning more about the family history of the bourbon business.

As a child, Elissa would  head to her grandparents’ house where she would spend Christmas day and night with her entire family. A memory she continues today with her own children. And like so many of us, she says she is most grateful for her family, their health, and happiness this holiday season.

Fulfillment: Candice

Being married to a chef means food is always a good gift idea around the holidays. That’s why Candice will be giving herself a bottle of our award winningPappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup and a bag of our smoking chunks to her husband. As a young girl, Candice recalls the anticipation of being able to open a few gifts on Christmas Eve. “My mom would let me and my sister each open one gift. Now we take our kids over my mom’s house and they open gifts from my mom on Christmas Eve.” Candice is most grateful for her family. She notes, “We have had a rough year with our house burning down last December, losing my mother in law this past April, and watching my kids navigate though all that on top of COVID. They are so resilient and make me so proud to be their mother. And grateful for my entire family's health especially during this time.”

Marketing Director: Mollie

Mollie loves to cook and entertain, so she will hopefully be getting herself the newlarge format cutting board. “I gave the smaller one to my dad last Christmas and he says it’s the best cutting board he has ever used, and he’s been cooking for more than fifty years!” She also plans to give her husband the newHigh Camp Flask Double Cup, because he spends a lot of time in the outdoors and seems like the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a delicious cocktail after a hard day’s adventure hiking, skiing or hunting. 

Growing up in San Francisco, Mollie’s favorite childhood holiday memory is “going to the San Francisco Nutcracker with my mother all dressed up and looking at all of the beautiful Christmas decorations downtown. I usually got to wear a special holiday dress and remember feeling so much joy and magic that day.” Now that she has young children of her own, she says that her greatest joy this holiday season is the time spent with her two small boys and husband. “Our oldest boy is two years old and it’s special to see the magic in his eyes this time of year, it fills me with so much hope.”

From all of us at Pappy & Company we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season!