Pappy & Company Guide to Glassware

Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or a casual sipper, you know that the glass makes all the difference. From aesthetic to tasting notes, the size, shape, and weight of the glass directly impacts the tasting experience. Below find our Pappy & Company Guide to Glassware to determine the appropriate vessel for every occasion. 


Rocks Glass

The classic (and most common) glass. This whiskey tumbler dones a wide mouth, slim walls, and heavy base. Fitting effortlessly into your hand and boasting a versatility that ranges from bourbon neat to mixed cocktails, this glass is our go-to. Its’ use also extends beyond spirits– we commonly fill these with wine or juice. 


Double Old Fashioned Glass

Like a rocks glass, but heavier and larger. This handsome vessel is primarily used for bourbon neat or on the rocks. Of course, its sturdiness and size also make it ideal for classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned. Build your cocktail within the glass and stir. Or shake and pour it over ice. Don’t be shy with this one– it was crafted to be the most versatile glass in your bar. 


Tasting Glass

Created with the whiskey connoisseur in mind, tasting glasses are designed to enhance the character, flavor, and aroma of the spirit. If you are hoping to evaluate the tasting notes in your favorite bourbons, this chimney-shaped glass is for you. 


Stainless Steel + Insulated Cups 

On-the-go imbibing. Morning coffee. Tailgates, boat days, deer fields. Stainless steel + insulated tumblers, canteens, and flasks allow for endless versatility. One thing remains certain– your concoction will stay at the desired temperature. We employ these practical vessels daily.