Partnership Spotlight: Marsh Hen Mill

A collaboration between two family led brands promise “stone ground goodness straight from Edisto Island” with our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged flavor!

Sometimes, something is so ingrained in your life, DNA, or your history, that it is just a part of you. That was the case for Betsy and Greg, the married duo behind Marsh Hen Mill, whose own respective upbringings and family ties to milling and farming brought them together as partners in life and behind their family run business. They connected in a college course on poultry science over their shared passion and life long dedication to their craft, and have since brought that passion to life with their mill, farm and roadside market offering “stone ground goodness straight from Edisto Island.” 

Working with partners like Marsh Hen Mill makes sense for us. Next generations continuing a shared legacy, small family businesses, and a focus on making things the way they were meant to be made is something we have in common with everyone we work with. And that is certainly true of Betsy and Greg. They have built their business on a “food is first” philosophy, a promise to provide “stone ground goodness” by “milling the finest grits and cornmeal,” and a commitment to doing it the old fashioned way. Similar to the promise we adhere to daily, to put quality first, means it isn’t always easy, but the finished product always makes it worth it. 

That starts with the heirloom corn that was hand selected by seed for particular flavor and nutrients and grown for generations by farmers throughout the Southeast, including on neighboring Wadmalaw Island. Producing full and robust flavor that boasts a link to the land it comes from and the farmers who tend to it. Once dried, the corn is ground down using the antique stone ground mills lovingly rescued and restored by Marsh Hen Mill, and filtered to a super fine cornmeal that is almost corn flour.  

Combining old fashioned heirloom corn with our maple syrup, that has similarly been purposefully aged in our retired Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels, and infused with the natural flavors that were developed through the traditional, and slow, bourbon aging process, makes a cornbread that is almost too good to be true. Rounded out with brown butter, this Marsh Hen Mill x Pappy & Company duo creates a perfectly golden brown cornbread.

It is always exciting for us to bring something from past generations and give it a new way to shine and live on. Traditional recipes are old-fashioned, and partners like Marsh Hen Mill understand that being old-fashioned isn’t a bad thing!  Old-fashioned means doing things right, and focusing on quality ingredients, processes and the people behind it.  

It’s no surprise that Marsh Hen Mill is nestled in the tucked away paradise of sleepy Edisto Island in our beloved low country. We will always have a connection to this special part of South Carolina, and to the traditions and customs we share with our friends and partners there, especially when it comes to food! We are excited to add this collaboration to our gourmet collection that continues to share our love of food that is made, and enjoyed, the way it is meant to be!