Partner Spotlight: Combining Flavors and Partners

New Treats are a Combination
of Flavors and Partnerships 

Our brand new line of delectable barrel-aged confections are the result of the combination of three of the trusted makers behind a few of our most well known, award winning and forever Pappy & Company favorites!

Introducing our Ghost Pepper Caramels, our Coffee Nib Brittle and our Bourbon Nib Caramel, made in partnership with artisan chocolatiers Olive & Sinclair in Nashville, TN and featuring our barrel-aged pure Guatemalan coffee beans from Good Folks Coffee in Louisville, KY and our barrel-aged ghost pepper mash from Midland Ghost in Midland, GA. 

Our newest culinary creations bring sweet heat, creamy caramel, delectable organic chocolate, and pure roasted coffee to Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon barrel-aged and bourbon infused flavor for incredible unique treats that are truly not to be missed. 

Candy boxes stacked on each other

Existing Partners + Product Development = New Products!

While product development is one of the most exciting aspects of running a small business, it is also one of the most difficult! Aligning ourselves specifically with brands who share our dedication to craftsmanship and quality takes time and intentionality. However, it also means we get to expand our portfolio of trusted partners and makers and widen our circle of other small businesses we truly consider friends and partners. Combining the individual passion and products of each of our particular focuses has resulted in some of the most unique and specialized products that we are proud not only carry our family name, but have also become some of the staples our company is most known and recognized for. 

So imagine our delight when we got to not only expand on our line of inspired and distinctive culinary creations, but in the process bring together a multitude of our partners to do so! This new offering of gourmet delights showcases the evolution of our product development and how it has allowed us to bring multiple makers together into one creative process. We are pretty sure the outcome will speak for itself!

Food Products

Chocolate + Bourbon = Bliss

Just as we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and doing things the right way, we actively seek partners who share the same level of commitment to their craft. Working with Olive & Sinclair, makers and small batch crafters ofSouthern Artisan Chocolate, who have mastered the art of slow roasted and stone ground confections using the same old fashioned method of grinding grits, has been a match made in culinary perfection. 

They promise chocolate that is “made by more than ingredients and old-fashioned processes. It’s made by people,” and the people behind it, Scott and Jason, are wholly dedicated to the quality and process behind their wildly delicious and addictive array of chocolates and confections. Tennessee’s very first “bean-to-bar” chocolatiers specializing in traditional European methods, single origin chocolate and traditional southern flavors, Olive & Sinclair have masterfully created our wildly popular, and for good reason, Barrel-Aged Nib Brittle that marries the delicious combination of barrel aged cacao nibs nestled in crunchy buttery brittle for blissful bites of crunchy, chocolate bourbon bliss. 

Those beloved barrel-aged nibs of bourbon soaked bliss are now wrapped up in smooth and creamy caramel for a brand new creamy, crunchy, caramel confection. Our Bourbon Nib Caramels introduce the perfectly balanced combination of barrel-aged cacao nibs to the rich and smooth caramel, and are finished with a sprinkle of sea salt for treats so delicious, make sure you have enough to share!

We think everything pairs pretty nicely with bourbon, and we have to agree, pretty much everything pairs nicely with chocolate, so lo and behold, what pairs pretty nicely together is the unmistakable bourbon barrel-aged flavor with stone ground cacao nibs. Working with Olive & Sinclair to highlight our barrel-aged cacao nibs and infuse the flavors of our barrel-aged ghost pepper mash, barrel-aged coffee has been a pretty sweet process…especially the taste testing! 

Olive and Sinclair Team

Coffee + Chocolate + Bourbon = Bliss with a Kick

Coffee happens to be the preferred way we start our day. So much so, that we knew we had to find a way to make a version of coffee that infused our favorite morning beverage with our original beloved beverage, bourbon.  Enter, GoodGood Folks Coffee Folks Coffee, based right here in our hometown, and the master roasters behind our Our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee. Together with Good Folks and Oliver & Sinclair, we crafted our Barrel-Aged Coffee Brittle. The combination of the unmistakable flavor and aroma of slow roasted, barrel-aged whole coffee beans from Good Folks Coffee, bathed in dark chocolate made from our barrel-aged cacao nibs, resulted in a rich, coffee fueled sweet pick me up perfect for chocolate, coffee and bourbon lovers, and especially those, like us, who are all three. 

Good Folks master brewers are just as dedicated to sourcing high quality ingredients and equally passionate partners. Meticulous about their process and invested in the outcome, their farmers, their sourcing, and their customers, we knew Good Folks would be the right coffee partner from the moment we knocked on their door, really. Neighbors to friends to partners. Sometimes it really is that simple. 

 Good Folks

Bourbon + Ghost Peppers + Caramel = Sweet Heat 

Our brand new Ghost Pepper Caramels gives our ghost pepper mash a whole new way to shine. Homegrown by one of our longtime and very first collaborators, Midland Ghost in Midland Georgia, ghost peppers are aged in barrels, imbuing their natural heat with a smoky finish that meets creamy caramel for a combination you never knew you were missing. Midland Ghost has been tantalizing our taste buds and bringing the subtle and spicy kick of our Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce to some of our favorite dishes for years. 

One of our very first partnerships, Midland Ghost shares a similar history to our very own. A family run business that started almost on accident, yet thrived due to the passion and perseverance of the family behind it, the Lemieuxs, whose dedication to the integrity of their product and their processes shares a familiar story.

Our pepper sauce started as a small sample we enjoyed, gifted by a friend and bursting onto our family’s table a few Christmases ago, and  we can’t imagine some of our favorite dishes without it. Now, bringing that unmistakable tang and spice to Olive & Sinclair’s signature salted caramel in our Ghost Pepper Caramels has created a brand new delight for those with a sweetand spicy tooth.