Bourbon Needlepoint Belt

  • Bourbon Bottle Needlepoint Belt for Men
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Bourbon Needlepoint Belt



A man needs something to hold his pants up. And when the occasion calls for pants, so does a woman. Regardless, we're all in the market for a belt. Why not one that's hand-stitched in the finest needlepoint style?

Each Smathers & Branson Bourbon Needlepoint Belt features iconic images from bourbon legends. But the best part is, it holds your pants up quite well. Like a belt should.

- Our belts are 2 inches larger than your pants waist size. For example, someone whose pants have a 36 inch waist wears a 38 inch belt.

- When the waist is an odd size, increase the belt size by 3 inches (i.e., a size 33 wears a size 36 belt).

- We only keep inventory of belts up to 44 inches, but if you need a larger size, contact us and we'll have it made for you.

Hand-stitched from Smathers & Branson. Brass buckle. Comes in Smathers & Branson wooden box.

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