Bourbon Barrel Hoop Frame

  • While the barrel staves are responsible for infusing the signature flavor of charred oak during the aging process, the barrel hoops are, without hyperbole, literally responsible for holding it together. Strong, refined and integral to the process, once retired we repurpose our genuine Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel hoops in a variety of ways. This refined, yet charmingly rugged Bourbon Barrel Hoop Frame was designed to complement our authentic Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel Heads with another iconic homage to process. Attach to your Barrel Head for an extra element of display in your home bar, office or kitchen. 

    *Please note: Barrel Heads are sold separately.*
    *Designed to fit any of our genuine Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Heads. Purchase alongside any barrel-head and we will attach the frame before we ship it out. You can also add the frame to any of our barrel heads already in your collection. (3 wood screws included for assembly) 2" wide x 22" diameter


Customer Reviews

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F. A.
Product Ideas: Friend
Great concept

I purchased the bourbon barrel hoop frame to make a tray upon which I may set hot cast iron skillets, etc., similar to that using a trivet with wine corks. My challenge is how to use the stoppers from different bourbon bottles. I have so far fitted a wood base inside the hoop frame. Given the area to be filled by the bourbon bottle stoppers it’ll take many bottles, and I using only bottles for on which I drank. When finished it will be a good gift to a friend that shared some his Pappy.

Andrea A.
Love our Bourbon Barrel Hoop Frame and Barrel Head

Great quality and gives our bourbon barrel head a beautiful finish to display on the wall.

Beautiful frame for my pappy barrel head!

I recently bought one of these frames and it looks great with the barrel head! The aged look of the frame pairs perfectly with the barrel head, and really gives off the vibe of a barrel that has been aging bourbon for years. The frame is a perfect addition for any of the barrel heads.