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Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup Limited-edition Batch

  • Produced by our friends at Bissell Maple Farm in Jefferson, Ohio, and aged in our family’s legendary 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, this pure all-American maple syrup yields a unique depth of flavor with rich bourbon-like notes of vanilla, caramel, butter, and oak. Inspired by the pure maple syrup our mom served us as kids, this one-of-a-kind syrup is made with a whole lot of love and generations of experience—just like our family's bourbon.

    In our house, waffles trumped pancakes, but whichever way you lean, don't limit this syrup’s use to breakfast. It goes great in everything from salad dressings to cocktails. It's especially tasty drizzled over ice cream. See our Bourbon Lifestyle Blog for more recipe ideas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Christopher L.
Best syrup I’ve ever had.

I love it.

James O.
Wish I didn't buy it...

Because now nothing else compares with how good this stuff really is. Rich flavors, incredibly sweet and an absolute delight. I don't get to have pancakes often but this is the special treat I want to go along with them. I can see this bottle going way faster than I like.

Paul S.
Great mix

I drink many old fashions and this is a great mix. Only wish I had some Pappy's to mix it with. I keep looking!!!

Alex B.

As close to the 15 year taste as you can get and still have pancakes. We are Maple syrup connoisseurs and this is the best we’ve ever tasted. Worth every penny. Great gift for any bourbon or syrup lover.

Jim J.

Having tasted Pappy Van Winkle once (but unable to buy or find since), I was looking forward to this product. It lived up to its name. There is just enough hint of Pappy in a wonderful maple syrup to enhance any item lucky enough to be under a pour of the syrup. My hope is that it will become a staple of the Pappy brand.

Dwayne K.A.

Best maple syrup I’ve ever had. Maple syrup with just a slight hint of bourbon. Wish it wasn’t just a limited edition. Would make this my go to syrup going forward.