Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Nib Brittle

  • Organic cacao nibs aged in 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle barrels are the not-so-secret secret to our famous Bourbon Nib Brittle. Produced in small batches by the artisan chocolatiers at Olive & Sinclair in Nashville, Tennessee, this buttery, Southern-style brittle is studded with bourbon-soaked cacao nibs, which have been stone-ground using melangeurs similar to those used to grind grits, before its finished with a smooth creamy layer of 67% premium Dominican Republic chocolate, also made with our Pappy-infused nibs. Warning: Don't crack open the box unless you're prepared to eat the whole batch!

    Please note:this item is part of our refrigerated goods collection and will require an ice pack and thermal insulation when shipping between April - September. To ensure freshness and quality, while also keeping product prices down, we will add a $5 surcharge to cover the extra handling required for these items seasonally. Only one charge per order. All refrigerated goods will ship Monday - Wednesday only, and that will be reflected on the estimated delivery times at checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph R.
Product Ideas: valentines day, wife
Solid gift, but could use some improvement

Purchased both the syrup and the nib brittle for a valentine's day gift.
The gift was received well and appreciated on both counts.
Both products scored points with their forward bourbon flavor, neither were subtle - which was a good thing.
My wife is a dark chocolate fiend, so there were high expectations around the brittle. The chocolate did not disappoint in flavor, however, our brittle arrived a melted/re-formed globby clump. Altogether, not an atypical problem for such a treat. Unfortunately, the brittle pieces could not be separated from the clump, they were permanently fused as a solid mass. Our solution was to use a deeply serrated bread knife to carve off small chunks of the massive lump. What could easily have been a five star experience turned "eh" every time the bread knife had to come out.

Product Ideas: gifts/self
Bourbon Nib Brittle

The nib brittle is exceptional. Buttery toffee with just a hint of bourbon. Delicious!

stormi b.
Product Ideas: Gifts and self
Hot sauce and maple syrup

Order this product/products before running out completely. Never want to be without this amazing hot sauce

Kathleen S.
Product Ideas: For my holiday baking


Alice B.

I bought this for a Valentine's gift for my husband. He loved it.

Rena D.

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Nib Brittle