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Early Riser Specialty Coffee Gift Set

  • Introducing our favorite way to drink bourbon (before noon!): the Early Riser Specialty Coffee Gift Set, featuring a 12-oz. bag of our custom barrel-aged coffee blend and our signature Pappy & Company ceramic mug. Made with single-origin Guatemalan whole beans aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, this one-of-a-kind blend with a mellow but completely unique flavor profile will appeal to coffee nerds and bourbon aficionados alike.

    Packaged in Pappy & Company’s signature cloth bag, this set includes:

    *Custom bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans (12 oz. bag)
    *Custom ceramic Pappy & Company mug

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great package for gifting

I bought 3 of theses for my kids (and one for myself) at at Christmas.

We loved the coffee. Some of the best and the kids loved the gift.

Unfortunately my new mug got dropped here after several uses. Since it was like my mug from firehouse days I ordered a new coffee set!

Great product.

Great little package!

This is a really good combination package. I really like the coffee a lot. When you open the bag and first smell the coffee you assume it's bourbon flavored coffee, but once you make some you realize it more complex than that. The flavor is amazing (if you enjoy bourbon, and if not why exactly are you shopping here? Lol.) Anyway, the mug is a little small for me but that's being nitpicky. Also, the bag is a nice little tote both for small items and to show your pride in all things Pappy. All in all a great buy and a really cool gift for your coffee lover friends!

Linda L.
Coffee Lover Set

Couldn't tell you, as I have yet to receive it!

Peter H.
Not sure what I was expecting

The mug was great. The coffee... not so much. I really enjoy good coffee. At this premium price for 12oz you can get some great varieties with awesome roast profiles from around the world, so I was hoping for the best. I was pretty disappointed to receive a coffee that was clearly just tossed in heavy amounts of bourbon syrup. I recognized it right away and was truly sad - flavored coffee beans. Just like any flavored coffee beans, this stuff will ruin your coffee equipment. The syrupy smell will stick to anything you put it in - canisters, grinders - and it will take some serious washing to get out. Anyway, unless you like flavored coffee, I’d steer clear.