Limited Edition Authentic Pappy Van Winkle 23-year Barrel Head

We have waited a long time for this one—23 years to be exact. Though the coveted Pappy Van Winkle bourbon has been bottled, as the wood dries out, the aroma of the whiskey still lingers in this authentic 23-Year barrel head.  Its steadfast duty as a shelter for the rare whiskey for over two decades is evident in the barrel heads’ variations— the warping of the wood a testament to its commitment.

This limited edition barrel head features the 23-Year bourbon’s famous label and is backed with felt so it can rest comfortably on a table or ottoman in your library, living room, office, or home bar. If you want to hang your barrel head on the wall, we suggest a D-Ring Hanging Kit. Its character, rarity, and heritage make this barrel head the ultimate gift for the Pappy enthusiast.

Each original barrel head is signed by our dad, Julian Van Winkle III, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Due to the nature of this product being handmade from recently emptied barrels, there are slight variations in every piece as the wood dries. We consider the variation in the product to be a sign of craftsmanship and authenticity as no two barrel heads are the same. Like most fine things, each piece is meant to be individually celebrated for its unique design and style.

**If you would like to hang your barrel head on the wall we suggest a "D-Ring Hanging Kit.  Dimensions: Diameter 21 1/2" inches, Thickness 1 1/2" in. 

Customer Reviews

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Leslie W.
Product Ideas: Husbands birthday.

Absolutely a great gift for my husband! Looks just as pictured and he loved it!

Nicholas W.
Product Ideas: I purchased this product to hang on my wall with gratitude.
Very pleasant!!! I love it!!!

I am amazed and grateful you shared. Multiple forms of artwork, history, the present, and more. Very well done!!!

Product Ideas: Personal Collection..

Just what I was hoping it would be. Really nice..

Excellent collector's piece!

Recently bought one of these for my home bar and it is beautiful! It is sturdy, well made, and the laser etching on it is gorgeous. The wood is beautifully warped and aged, showing the signs of aging bourbon for 23 years. It also smells incredible out of the box!

John H.
Barrel head

Love it, have it hanging behind my bar.