Bourbon Heritage Month & Our Anniversary!

“When bourbon is in your blood, it can get in your heart as well.”
-Aunt Sally Van Winkle Campbell, 
But Always Fine Bourbon.

While it may actually be a coincidence, we prefer to see it as serendipitous, that September ushers in both Bourbon Heritage Month and our very own anniversary here at Pappy & Company. 

For us,  bourbon  and  heritage are somewhat synonymous, as we certainly don’t celebrate one without the other. Reflecting on our anniversary and how much our company has grown over the past 9 years is extra special during a month celebrating the very thing that started it all. Bourbon Heritage. 


Everything begins with our heritage and because we never lose focus on the humble beginnings of our family’s legacy, we proudly follow in the footsteps of our father, grandfather and great grandfather who approached their heritage with honor, wonder, and the trademark Pappy grit and determination. We still feel like the small business that was born in the basement and nurtured out of a desire to create another avenue of celebrating our bourbon heritage, and more importantly, of sharing with all of you.

Pappy & Company is just that. It is our way of bringing the special legacy our family shares into your homes as well. Through the things that we love, the partnerships we have made and the friends who create and celebrate with the same passion and enthusiasm we enjoy.

Who share a similar desire to pour their heart and soul into their work, to always value quality above all else, to never forget to have fun, and to find the joy and the magic in the small moments everyday. Whether that is over pancakes on Sunday morning, savoring a celebratory cigar or sharing a favorite drink, we toast to our anniversary, to our shared heritage and to all of you for joining us on this wild ride! 

We have made it our mission to create products we use in our daily lives and our bourbon heritage is woven throughout our entire line. Join us to celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month and our anniversary with some handpicked products that highlight our heritage. These carefully crafted products are aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels so they are infused not only with a rich taste and texture, but a rich history and legacy too. Don’t forget our classic glassware to help you properly celebrate the occasion! 

Award Winning Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup

Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee 

Pappy Van Winkle Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

Premium Glassware Collection