Partner Spotlight: Stanley

Stanley x Pappy & Company

"The Stanley name is more than a single product or process, it is a promise to generations who have come to rely on us for years: we make food and drinkware that last a lifetime.” 
-Krista Ulatowski, Senior Marketing & PR Manager, Stanley 

Our mission at Pappy & Company is straightforward and simple - create products that make it easier to celebrate everyday life and partner with people and companies who share our values, our mission and our promise to value quality over all else. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Stanley, unparalleled in their industry and uncompromising in their promise of quality and dedication to sustainability, on a special edition Stanley X Pappy & Company collaboration.

A family led company who started with a singular focus and built a brand that has been powering outdoor adventures for over 100 years.  Their mission driven approach that promises “it’s not just about what we make, it’s also about how we make it” aligns with ours and we have designed a capsule collection that is not only Built for Life™  but perfectly suited to celebrate it. Cheers to the adventures it will take you on!

We’ve long been admirers of the Stanley brand. As we only partner with companies whose products we want to use and do use in our everyday life, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create a capsule collection that allowed us to bring our two family companies together.

Working with the Stanley team has been a been a natural collaborative process. We felt such an organic kinship to them as we worked together and we connected to so much of what they shared with us, "The Stanley name is more than a single product or process, it is a promise to generations who have come to rely on us for years: we make food and drinkware that last a lifetime.”

While their philosophy may sound like a small promise, we know it isn’t, and just like Pappy who promised to “make always fine bourbon,” we understand and appreciate how Stanley has built upon the legacy created by founder William Stanley, Jr. in 1913. 

Beginning with a core product, designed to perfection, Stanley began with the invention of the double-wall steel vacuum insulation. As their team explained, this "set the foundation for the company’s reputation for reliable thermal performance " and as they grew, "Stanley has continuously strived to create timeless, yet modern solutions for today’s adventurers."

We are so amazed by the commitment to sustainability that is evident in Stanley's product line and overall approach to product development, as they "believe that through invention and originality we can create a more sustainable, less disposable life and world. The most sustainable products are the kind that never need to be thrown away or replaced.”

Just as we know that most things in life are better when shared, we share a mutual commitment to “fostering connections in our communities." We love the underlying philosophy woven throughout their brand and their history, "whether sharing a drink or adventure, togetherness energizes our innovative spirit.”

We believe you will feel that in the collection we have created together, and just as we always aim to uphold our family's legacy, we share in their sentiment that “from your morning cup of coffee to  your bourbon night-cap, we are are proud to honor the Stanley legacy” and together, we invite you to join us “keeping your warms warm and your colds cold.”