#CookingWithPappy Maple Syrup and Pepper Sauce Recipe Contest

Like all of you, we are finding ourselves at home and in the kitchen a lot more often. Without the usual activities, we look forward to going out to eat, gathering with friends, celebrating birthdays or any special occasions, we have all had to get creative to find ways to spend time with each other and use what we have. One thing that we have all always enjoyed doing is cooking, baking, and cocktail making. 

As we’ve created a line of food and beverage collaborations over the years, this has pushed us to try our hands at creating new dishes, desserts, and cocktail recipes. As the line has grown, recipes are one of our favorite things to share with all of you, and one of our favorite things that you have shared with us! 

There seems to be endless use for things like our syrup and our hot sauce, beyond just the obvious ones (and believe us, there is simply nothing better than our syrup poured over a hot stack of pancakes or simple vanilla icecream), but this opportunity for our families to gather in the kitchen and share ideas seems, in our good moments, like the gift of time. 

So as we are playing in our kitchens, concocting new happy hour cocktails, trying new combinations and exploring new ways to spice things up with our hot sauce, we thought we’d see what all of you are up to in the kitchen!

We are thrilled to be introducing the Pappy & Company recipe contest to gather the most creative and innovative ways our Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup and Pepper Sauce can be used!

The contest ends on June 8th! We are excited to see how you all are putting our food line to use in the kitchen, on the grill, and in cocktails. See below for contest details.

  • Use either our Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup or Pepper Sauce
  • Share a picture on Instagram tagging us @PappyandCo using the hashtag  #CookingWithPappy
    Not on Instagram? That’s ok. You can send us a picture and your recipe to
  • Each submission will be entered to win the grand prize of a Pappy & Company $250 gift card
  • We will pick one Pepper Sauce and One Maple Syrup recipe winner.
  • We will share your recipes on social media and on our blog 

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