Garden & Gun honors the Women of Whiskey

Joining Garden & Gun for an Insider's Getaway to Kentucky's Bourbon Country
Women of Whiskey with Carrie, Louise, and Chenault Van Winkle: Sharing the Heritage and Legacy of Pappy Van Winkle

Garden & Gun Distilled
honors  the  Women  of  Whiskey

Women of Whiskey: not just the makings of a good country song, but rather a contingent of women making contributions in what has traditionally been a male dominated world. We are proud to be embarking in an industry that is still not only thought of as a man’s world, but a man’s drink as well, and grateful for Garden & Gun sharing the spotlight during their week long event celebrating the birthplace of bourbon. 

Growing up in a bourbon family, we know that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Women have always been, even when behind the scenes, a huge part of the industry. Especially given the nature of bourbon making as a form of hospitality, and a world where tradition reigns supreme and ingredients matter, the women in the Van Winkle family have always been involved in the behind the scenes. 


 As fourth generation Van Winkles, we don’t see it so much as something we’ve inherited as much as a legacy we are proud to continue. We always knew we wanted to be involved and we always knew we wanted to find our own way into it.  The opportunity to shine a spotlight on the work that women contribute to this field is an honor we don’t take lightly. It is only on the shoulders of the women in our own lives who have represented what it means, and of the women who have had to stand their ground in a world not always receptive to change or progression. 


 Alongside incredible names that Garden & Gun brought together, who are responsible for “shaping the bourbon and food industries,” we were invited to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens to “experience a collaborative Kentucky menu.”  Highlighting the interwoven traditions of Kentucky and bourbon, oftentimes synonymous with each other, especially on the cusp of celebrating the 150th Kentucky Derby was an incredible honor. 



 The lore of bourbon is strong in Kentucky, as intrinsically tied to the history, narrative, personality and legacy of a state as anything could possibly be. Attending the Garden & Gun welcome party at Stitzel-Weller Distillery, whose very doors were opened by our great-grandfather on Derby Day in 1935, is another peg on the checkerboard of connectivity between the legacies of the Kentucky Derby, bourbon, and the history of Kentucky itself.  



 What an honor to join incredible female chefs Ouita Michel, owner of Honeywood Restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, Sam Fore, owner of the Tuk Tuk Snack Shop in Lexington, Kentucky, and Sara Bradley, owner of freight house in Paducah, Kentucky, along with the leading ladies of spirits, Marianne Eves of Forbidden Bourbon, Jackie Zykan of Hidden Barn Whiskey, and Shaylyn Gammon of Blue Run Spirits. This crew of incredibly talented and creative women are making their own mark on the bourbon world, and we we were beyond thrilled to contribute to a collaborative, playful and thoughtfully paired menu that highlighted the delightful ways that bourbon, food and flavor intermingle together.  

 We brought our Maple Mint Juleps and a Grapefruit Old Fashioned, along with a Sweet Tea Sour mocktail to the bourbon inspired menu. Our Maple Mint Julep is a Pappy-fied twist on perhaps the most traditional Kentucky cocktail, especially this time of year. While we simply believe you can’t mess with the perfection of a classic Mint Julep, we happen to believe our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup makes anything better.


The true standout star of our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Gourmet collection, this original product still stands the test of time, and taste, and is regularly heralded as the closest you can get to the real stuff. The first welcoming hint of signature Pappy Van Winkle aroma when you twist off the cap is enough to hook you and let you know the culinary adventure you are about to embark on. 


Similarly, our belief that an essential Old Fashioned is as classic a cocktail as you can find (especially in bourbon country) that needs little introduction or mixologist intervention, we happen to love our Grapefruit Old Fashioned that gets an infusion of subtly sweet Pappy Van Winkle flavor from our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup for a refreshing seasonal stunner. We finished off with a Sweet Tea Sour mocktail, combining the classic southern iced with our Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Sour Cocktail Mixer that brings a hint of tart citrus, with the subtly sweet infusion of wildflower honey that has been slowly smoked over a retired Pappy Van Winkle barrel stave. 



Naturally, for dessert, we shared the quintessential Kentucky confection that represents the history and legacy of Kentucky, bourbon, tradition, and flavor: the inimitable Pappy & Company Bourbon Ball, that yes, is in fact made with our Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year. 



Cheers to the culinary, historical, and legendary insider's tour through the birthplace of Bourbon with Garden & Gun! Now onto Derby week - a perfect time to enjoy these Pappy Van Winkle barrel-aged crafted cocktails ~