Partner Spotlight: High Camp Flasks, The Ultimate Outdoor Companion

As most of you know, Pappy & Company is a lifestyle brand inspired by our great grandfather Pappy Van Winkle and all that he stood for. Pappy was an avid outdoorsman, and enjoyed hunting and golfing as two of his favorite pastimes. 

Blending the joy of the outdoors with a passion for fine bourbon, it was a natural partnership meant to be had when we discovered High Camp Flasks.

We're excited to be launching this line of custom stainless steel flasks and tumblers and leather holsters that we think are the perfect outdoor companion for your favorite craft cocktail. 

The Firelight series transports your favorite whiskey or cocktail to any cheers-worthy adventure. The larger 750ml 3-piece bar set includes two 6-Shooter Tumblers and a 750ml Vacuum Insulated Flask - enough to fit an entire fifth of your favorite spirit or a full bottle of wine. While the smaller 375ml format is perfect for solo adventures.

These flasks are designed to pack easily for your rough and tumble lifestyle. The 6-Shooter Tumblers secure to your Flask using a patent pending magnetic lock system and the vacuum insulation keeps your spirits at a preferred drinking temperature right in your pack. The tumblers are double-walled, so it works great for both hot and cold beverages.

The High Camp Flask Story

High Camp Flasks was born out of a shared passion for craft cocktails and the great outdoors. Whether it was a surf trip or a mountain bike ride, co-founders Whit and Nic both felt there wasn’t a great way to transport their favorite craft spirits on outdoor adventures. After countless brainstorms they arrived at the Firelight Flask concept as the perfect adventure companion. 

What is High Camp Flasks?

High Camp Flasks is the bridge between the craft spirit market and the outdoors. Their products provide a clever solution to transporting and consuming spirits in any outdoor environment. The brand creates a richer outdoor drinking experience that preserves your favorite spirits and keeps glass and plastic out of the outdoors.

What makes High Camp Flasks unique?

Their quest began with building the ultimate bar glass for the outdoors. They wanted a tumbler that was big, rugged, and easy on the eyes. At 11 fluid oz., the 6-Shooter Tumbler comfortably accommodates a proper tumbler grip: Index, middle & ring finger around the sides, and the pinky underneath.

The flask features a microscopically smooth interior to preserve taste. Stainless steel is infinitely recyclable and the electropolished interior does not impart any unwanted flavors.

The final design element was to attach the tumblers to the flask with magnets so that the interior of the tumbler or the exterior of the flask is not compromised.

The solution: A convenient way to transport tumblers and your flask as a single packable unit.

Be sure to shop the entire collection of customer @PappyandCo flasks and leather holsters here.