Meet The Moms (and Founders) Behind Pappy & Company

Many of our biggest fans come to us through the family legacy of Pappy Van Winkle, but the soul and sweat that makes Pappy & Company are three young, beautiful, hard working moms who also happen to be sisters and triplets: Louise, Carrie and Chenault.

These women balance lives as entrepreneurs, mothers and wives and do it with the same class and style Pappy himself was known for. In honor of Mother’s Day and all the days these moms work to bring you the best of Pappy & Company, we thought it was long overdue to tell you a bit more about our superwoman moms behind the curtain.

Meet Carrie

Although Louisville, KY is Carrie’s hometown, she’s called Sun Valley, Idaho home for the past 17 years where she lives with her husband and two young boys. And while we don’t have official job titles here at Pappy & Company, since we all tend to wear a number of hats in the business, Carrie can most often be found sourcing new products, building new partnerships and working on the creative side of things.

When she is not in the Sun Valley office, she is most often found with her boys and husband skiing, hiking, biking, swimming or anything else that gets her outdoors. And after a great day of family adventure, she loves nothing more than settling in for the night with a glass of her favorite bourbon (no, she doesn’t drink Pappy on the regular) and taking in the beauty of where she lives.

What we love most about Carrie, besides her ability to always look good in workout clothes and her laid back demeanor, is her creative vision that stems from her roots in interior design. Carrie brings a fresh feel to the brand with thoughtful new products that emulate a sense of style and quality paired with craftsmanship and tradition.

Meet Louise

Louise followed her sister Carrie to Sun Valley for a few years where she met her husband, but the call for home back in Louisville, KY got the best of her and returned back to her hometown roots. Louise has three young kids, twin boys and a beautiful little girl who keep her on her toes, which makes her job running finances and operations seem like a magic trick with all the acts she balances.

Like all the Van Winkle sisters, Louise is just as dedicated to her family and friends as she is to the business and employees. It’s never easy being the boss of dollars and people, but Louise does it in a way that makes her team grateful to have such open lines of communication and inspires everyone to go the extra mile for the sake of company and customer.

Equally as athletic, stylish and beautiful, you can find Louise working out in between meetings and mom duties and most nights sipping her much deserved bourbon after the kids are tucked in and emails are read.

Meet Chenault

Chenault, while not more than a few minutes, is the youngest of the three triplets. But don’t be mistaken, she leads the way in more ways than one. You may have most recently heard Chenault’s name not in Pappy news but on the pages of Southern Living, Traditional Home, Style Blueprint and other leading design publications.

As one of the fastest up and coming interior designers of the South, Chenault’s talent and eye for style have been incredible assets to Pappy & Company. While Chenault runs a full-time interior design business, Chenault James Interiors, while also juggling the role as mom to two adorable young kids, she manages to find time to add to Pappy & Company’s business development both creatively and strategically.

She wouldn’t be a Van Winkle, if she too didn’t have the grace, beauty and style her sisters possess and can often be found giving fashion tips to her sisters (and the rest of the team) thanks to her natural style acumen that goes from street to work and everything in between.

We think we’re pretty lucky to have such inspiring founders running the business and wanted to make sure that all our customers had a chance to see a bit more of the secret sauce that runs Pappy & Company.  Want to learn more about the business? Have an idea for the next great product we should offer? Feel free to email us with thoughts, ideas and feedback And a big heartfelt happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there that keep things going, we love you more than bourbon and chocolate combined!