Gift Guide: What To Get Mom For Mother’s Day

FINDING THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE IS NEVER EASY. Here are a few of our favorite gifts for her from our Mother’s Day Collection we know she’ll love. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandma, aunt, sister or wife, we’ve hand selected this collection of gifts to celebrate the important women in your life.

New Limited Edition Custom Item: Introducing a one of a kind custom timepiece as special as she is.

  • We're excited to release a very special keepsake just in time for Mother’s Day. Our Custom Engraved Pewter Julep Cup is a traditional southern gift that captures a personalized and commemorative touch with her initials and the option to include a meaningful date. Made of pewter and custom engraved, these pieces serve just as well as décor items as they do as table settings for serving mint juleps or water. This timeless gift is one she will cherish forever.

For the Cooking Queen: Does she love to spend all her time in the kitchen? Here are a few culinary tools that combine craftsmanship, quality and design using our barrel staves and favorite artisan products.

  • Bourbon Barrel Stave Cutting Board: This cutting board designed by Louisville artist Jason Cohen is just as much a statement piece as it is the perfect cooking tool. The perfect size at 9” squared, the cutting board bears the distinctive Van Winkle family crest and showcases her good taste when it comes to cooking and cutting.
  • Limited Edition Culinary Kit:  Inspired by our best-selling culinary delights, this set is everything she could want from our favorite artisan partners, including our famous bourbon balls, maple syrup, pepper sauce and brittle.
  • Knife with Custom Barrel Stave Handle: This multi-purpose, custom bar knife is crafted by Quintin Middleton of Middleton Made Knives in South Carolina. It features a wooden handle made from our barrel staves and has the Pappy & Company logo etched into the blade. This knife is a perfect companion for our Bourbon Barrel Stave Cutting Boardand will certainly delight any sophisticated home chef or cocktail party host.

 For the Sweetie Who Loves Her Sweets (And Bourbon!): Is her sweet tooth one of your favorite qualities about her? Or maybe it’s her love of fine bourbon that makes her extra special. These sweet treats feature our Pappy Van Winkle flavor profiles from syrup to brittle, making them unique gifts Pappy lovers will truly appreciate.

  • Bourbon Nib Brittle: We’ve partnered with Olive & Sinclair, one of the finest artisan chocolate makers in the country to bring you one of their most prized products: bean-to-bar chocolate. A classic confection with a unique southern twist, our brittle a surefire hit for anyone who appreciates fine chocolate and bourbon.
  • Pappy Handmade Bourbon Balls: Handmade locally in Louisville, KY by The Sugar Mama's Bake Shop, these decadent treats are made with Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year making them a special indulgence for any bourbon and chocolate lover.
  • Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup: Our maple syrup is sweeter than Southern hospitality. And these bottles are extra special. For a limited time, this special batch of pure maple syrup is aged in Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23-year bourbon barrels. Its flavor profile is slightly richer than our typical maple syrup given that the barrels are older.

For the Mom Who Loves Happy Hour: Is she the life of the party? Does she love hosting a good cocktail hour? These gifts are made for the woman who knows how to serve and sip and style.

  • Hand-etched “Ours” Decanter Set With “His” & “Hers” Glasses: She deserves her own special glass, just as much as he does. This set, made by by Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, offers a glass for both so bourbon can be enjoyed with your special someone. Because fine bourbon should be shared with the ones you love most.
  • Pewter Bar Pitcher: Made to entertain, this 36-oz. Crystal Branch Bar Pitcher by MATCH Pewter holds everything from sweet tea to a fresh batch of margaritas. She will love mixing up her favorite cocktails in this bar pitcher that pairs perfectly with our Pewter Rocks Glass.
  • Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer Set by Bittermilk: With gourmet blends of bittering spices, Bittermilk cocktail mixers make it easy for her to impress friends, family and party guests with her mixology skills. Create a classic old fashioned, or spin it into a unique craft cocktail at home. Just add bourbon.

For the Home Designer & Entertainer: For the woman who showcases her personal style with how she decorates and entertains at home, these pieces are crafted with unique designs and style in mind.

  • Bourbon Barrel Stave Bowl: Designed by local artisan Jason Cohen, this versatile piece works great as a functional serving dish or simply a work of art. Made from our 15-year bourbon barrel staves, these bowls make for a stunning centerpiece as well as the most adored serving accessory.
  • Barrel Head Side Table: Handcrafted by Moran Woodworked Furniture, this side table is made from Pappy white oak barrel heads and is a bourbon showpiece for any stylish home. From the bedroom to the living room, this handmade piece of furniture is the perfect gift for the woman who knows good style and fine craftsmanship.
  • Bourbon Barrel Hoop Sculpture: Paying homage to the most important part of the barrel, this modern, industrial work of art is sure to stand the test of time; just like good bourbon. As a conversation starter in the home of any art-appreciating woman, give her a gift as unique as she is.

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