Partner Spotlight: ToadFish Outfitters from Charleston, SC

One of the most fun parts of our job is that we get to attend markets and festivals all over the country where we have been lucky to meet so many incredible companies and friends throughout the years. It was at one such event, the Atlanta Food Festival in 2017, where we came across ToadFish Outfitters and  immediately knew we needed to find a way to work together. ToadFish is based in Charleston, SC, and as that city holds special significance for us, especially for Carrie as a graduate of College of Charleston, we were excited to learn about what inspired Casey Davidson, founder of ToadFish Outfitters, to create a line of innovative products that enhance the coastal lifestyle.

With coastal roots stretching back fourteen generations, a love, passion and respect for the coastal waterways is ingrained in every aspect of his life. Living in Charleston, Casey witnessed the strain that explosive population growth and urban sprawl has had on the local ecosystems and water quality. With the waterways that he and his team live on and love at stake they knew they had to find a way to give back and preserve these environments for their children and future generations.

It was this passion and desire to create a company with products that were inspired by and designed to support their coastal lifestyle that led them to found ToadFish in 2017. ToadFish proudly uses recycled materials, such as one of the most common scourges of water pollution, the plastic water bottle, in many of their products. As a company, their fundamental mission is to devote their energy to improving water quality by rebuilding new filter feeding oyster beds. Through their Put Em’ Back initiative, they pledge to replant 10 square feet of new oyster reef for every ToadFish product sold. Oysters are nature’s only water filter, and as one oyster can clean up to 50 gallons of water per day, this mission will directly lead to a healthier and brighter future for the coastal environment. To date, ToadFish has replanted over 50,000 square feet of oyster reef!




We were such fans of their dedication to conservation, and of their entire innovative culinary collection, such as their oyster knife, shrimp cleaner and a newly introduced crab claw cutter, that we we had to find a way to collaborate with them. Aligning our shared mission of using recycled materials, we imagined an oyster knife crafted from our Pappy bourbon barrels using their innovative design. We are equally as thrilled to announce the Limited Edition Pappy Barrel Stave Oyster Knifeas we are to have partnered with ToadFish and to be a small part of their efforts to preserve the coastal waterways that we all love so much.

We have been proud to partner with a company who measure their success based on how much they give, not how much they take. We relate to them as a small business created on the foundation of passion and mission, and certainly we happen to think our culinary specialties go very well together! It makes us want to grab some fresh oysters this Fall and sip on a little bourbon.Shop our Limited Edition Oyster Knife. It's beautiful, practical, and you won't believe how great it fits in your hand. Shucking oysters doesn't get much better.