Partner Spotlight: Callie’s Biscuits Charleston, SC

For those of you who have been reading our “Partner Spotlight” blog series, you’ve probably caught on to a trend by now. Most of our partnerships are thanks to our father’s involvement in the food and spirits industry and our mother’s intuition for great matchmaking. We first connected withCallie’s Biscuits throughCharleston Wine and Food. Our dad Julian Van Winkle III has participated over the years in a number of events at the festival and so it was only a matter of time before he and Carrie Morey, founder of Callie’s Biscuits, connected.

So when we finally met Carrie, it felt like we had known her for years, and from there became friends fast and furious, the way most true friendships forge when they’re meant to be.

It doesn’t seem like Callie’s Biscuits needs much of an introduction, but maybe our Charleston college days combined with our habit forming love of biscuits makes us a bit biased. For those of you new to Callie’s Biscuits, there are a few simple words that sum up the business. Well, actually one word primarily comes to mind: BUTTER. Lots and lots of butter. But, like all of our partners, there’s more to the story than just yummy food.

Carrie Morey founded Callie’s Charleston Biscuits in 2005 with the goal of making the tender, buttery, made-by-hand biscuits accessible across the country. Her company has been featured inSaveur, Food & Wine, Southern Living, The New York Times and Oprah among others. Carrie and her small team of bakers are keeping the tradition of Southern biscuit making alive, one of the South’s oldest art forms passed down from generation to generation.

Carrie has also authoredCallie’s Biscuits and Southern Traditions, a cookbook and narrative on entrepreneurship and life in the lowcountry. As well as operating three grab-and-go biscuit restaurants, aptly namedCallie’s Hot Little Biscuit, in Charleston’s Upper King District, the Charleston City Market and in Atlanta’s vibrant Virginia Highland neighborhood.

Much likePappy and Company, Callie’s Biscuits is a family affair. Carrie learned to make tender, buttery, made-by-hand biscuits thanks to her mother Callie. Carrie is themother of three young girls she works with side by side in the kitchen to continue the family tradition.

Given the vast presence Callie’s Biscuits has across the nation, online and in her stores, one would think there was a lot of modern day technology fueling this operation, but this is the awe inspiring part of her company: each and every biscuit is made by hand, just like her mother taught her from the start.

So how does an ever growing business like this continue to keep focus? Much in part to their core values and commitments like community, artisan, love, loyalty, independence, excellence, solutions. As a small family run operation, we admire businesses like this that stay true to their founding principles all the while growing in more ways than one.

This is why we are so excited to be launching this collaboration. OurLimited Edition Maple Biscuit features ourBourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup in the biscuit dough, topped with a sweet creamy icing. We think it’s a pretty sweet deal. Here are some of our favorite biscuit pairings as well as a few recipes we think you will enjoy. Happy baking!

Biscuit Pairings and Recipe Ideas:

  1. Savory Biscuits and White Chicken Chili: seehere for our White Chicken Chili recipe
  2. Bourbon Maple Biscuits and Old Fashioneds: seehere for the cocktail recipe featuring our ready madeBarrel Aged Old Fashioned Bittermilk Mix
  3. Bourbon Maple Biscuits and Coffee: seehere for more information on ourBarrel Aged Coffee
  4. Bourbon Maple Biscuits and Ham: well you can’t go wrong with this one, but if you need more direction, seehere for ideas
  5. Bourbon Maple Biscuits and Ice Cream: ourBourbon Maple Biscuits make the perfect base for a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream drizzled with our Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Did you hear the news? We will be atCharleston Wine & Food this week alongside Callie’s Biscuits. Be sure to come see us in the culinary village if you’re in the area. Otherwise be sure to follow us@PappyandCo as we capture all the great food and wine (and bourbon) moments throughout the weekend. And don’t forget to tag us with #PappyandCo so we can see what you are up to with our latestPappy & Company goods!