Partner Spotlight: Porter Road

Pappy & Company and Porter Road: A Shared Commitment to Quality. 

Porter Road, an online butcher, was born when founders James Peisker and Chris Carter, both working in kitchens in Nashville, recognized how difficult it was to procure high quality meat from sources they could trust. In 2017 they moved their butcher shop online "with the goal of making the world's best meat accessible nationwide." 

Pappy & Company and Porter Road have crossed paths a few times, first at Atlanta Food & Wine when James and Chris met Carrie and realized their small companies were driven by similar goals. When we reconnected at the 2022 Bourbon & Beyond Festival, we realized it was time to not just admire each other from afar, but to work together! 

We connected so quickly to Porter Road's mission and their commitment to sourcing the best and highest quality ingredients. We share a similar approach, appreciating how James and Chris explained their process of how they "select farms, and hand-cut every piece at our Kentucky facility to produce incredible cuts of pasture-raised beef, pork and chicken." 

As we continue to align ourselves with like-minded companies and founders, we were excited to learn more about how Porter Road applies a similar philosophy and dedication to quality to ours, to their process and final product. We both ensure the quality of our final products by working directly with our partners so we know exactly where the product comes from and how it is made. They proudly "take extra care at every step of the process to ensure a better experience for all involved," which includes regularly visiting their farms and ensuring the animals are raised outside with no added hormones or antibiotics.

One of the tenets of our mission at Pappy & Company is to do the right thing,  a sentiment shared by Porter Road, who "value the land, the animals and the people who make our business possible" They practice this by "practicing the highest standards of regenerative agriculture, treating the animals with respect at every stage of their lives, and doing right by our farmers, butchers and customers."

So a collaboration with Pappy & Company and Porter Road was such a natural fit! To kick-off our partnership we decided to put together a gift set, perfect as we head into the holiday season! Our Porter Road X Pappy & Co Breakfast with Pappy bundle gives you a "taste of some of the best of both Porter Road’s pasture-raised goodness and Pappy & Company’s barrel-aged flavor - truly a match made in heaven, and the perfect start to any day."

We are excited to work together and explore other ways we can incorporate our barrel-aged flavor with their dry-aged, tender and unique cuts - so stay tuned to see what else we are cooking up for you with Porter Road!