Our Commitment to Giving Back: Bourbon for Good

Our Why

Giving back is one of the core values of our mission. When we began Pappy & Company we knew there were a few tenets of our business that would never change. We knew we would never waver from the promise to always put quality first, just as our great-grandfather did, and our grandfather and father before us. Being a mission driven company doesn’t stop there. We also knew that giving back to our communities, the communities where we live, and work and where our children are growing up, would be incredibly important to us. 


Over the years we have partnered with a variety of nonprofits, both locally with non-profit neighbors in our hometown of Louisville, as well as nation-wide in the communities where other members of our team are based. We partner with nonprofits whose missions align with our core values and who are providing a variety of life saving and life changing services to those who need them the most. 

While we are proud of what our company creates, our commitment to quality and what we do everyday, it is truly the philanthropic support that we are able to provide that we are so passionate about and grateful for. 

Our How

We love our "Bourbon for Good" Sweepstakes. We know that people can become frustrated by how difficult it can be to procure a bottle of “the good stuff.” It is hard for us too! So when we are able to get our hands on a few bottles each year, we want to do the most good we can! We offer those in our "Bourbon for Good" Sweepstakes, where we can allocate a portion of proceeds directly to one of our non-profit partners. When a few times each year we are able to convert your passion for securing a bottle of Pappy into our passion of supporting our philanthropic mission. For that, we are immensely grateful to all of you.


Our Who

We are so proud to have have worked with a variety of non-profits and are truly grateful for the heroic, challenging and necessary work that they do everyday. Thank you to our Pappy & Company team for being so dedicated to wholeheartedly supporting our philanthropic mission.

We look forward to finding ways to continue to expand upon our philanthropic goals, both as a family and company wide. We are excited to share more with you about our commitment to our "Bourbon for Good" initiatives and our non-profit partners in the months to come. 

And to everyone who has ever shopped with us, our sincerest appreciation, as you are the reason we are able to support the work of these *non-profits, and many others: 

Dare to Care

Ronald McDonald House Charities Kentuckiana 

Rooting for Robert

Hope Scarves

Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund 

*This is a partial list of non-profits who have been the recent beneficiaries of our Bourbon for Good initiatives as we continue to support our partners who focus on education and health and human services