Partner Spotlight: Tom Beckbe from Birmingham, Alabama

Tradition. Classic. Timeless. These are the words that come to mind when we think ofTom Beckbe. As the producer of classic sporting apparel and accessories, they know that the ultimate outdoorsman and hunter isn’t chasing the next trend or fashion fad; he’s looking for products built for yesterday and tomorrow, able to withstand time and elements, and relies on classic design and rugged materials. This is why we love Tom Beckbe and the products they make. 

Similar to the team here at Pappy & Company, we both know that trends will come and go, but those that withstand the test of time and continue to focus on quality products and classic design, are the backbone of a strong brand.

Tom Beckbe’s Founder, Radcliff Menge, claims to be a fan of the Van Winkle family business since he could “legally be one” (and perhaps a little before then). He started Tom Beckbe as a hobby while he was practicing law full-time, and slowly grew into the business that it is today.  But it was the matchmaking of our mother’s that officially brought these two brands together. They say that moms knows best, and in this case, they did. Seeing like minded brands sharing the same values and quality driven products, this was an easy partnership to forge.

Our first joint venture was the launch of the Tensaw Jacket back in 2017. We created a limited edition jacket signed by our dad, Julian Van Winkle III and sold out before we knew it. So we knew we were onto a great thing, and launched our second venture, theKinsman Vest this year. The vest was designed with a similar limited edition production run, signed by our father and done in the stave brown color unique to these products. We wanted these pieces to have the same timeless look and quality as his regular offerings but also create a sense of uniqueness and collector’s feel to these collaborative pieces. 

Beyond the products themselves, what really drew us together was our shared goals of quality and customer satisfaction. Because we both believe that everything else will work out just fine if we focus on these two essentials first. Radcliff says that if he could get one piece of advice from our great grandfather Pappy Van Winkle, he’d like to learn how you manage a business knowing that the very best product won’t be ready for two decades. Well Radcliff, we think you’re on to a pretty good answer. When you produce high quality, timeless products you’re willing to stand behind, you know you will always have a loyal customer base that is willing to wait for the product to be just right.