Partnership Spotlight: Thompson Traders X Pappy & Company

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A collaboration years in the making from two heritage brands with a shared passion for craftsmanship, artistry and celebration, inspired by legacy and tradition and designed for modern entertaining.

Family. Legacy. Artistry.    


 This has been a dream collaboration between two family led brands with deep rooted traditions, history and legacies. One that we couldn't have envisioned when we began Pappy & Company almost 10 years ago, but one that was delivered to us by pure serendipity.  While on the surface, Thompson Trader’s and Pappy & Company may not have an obvious cross-over, but thanks to our similar passions, commitment to honoring our respective legacies and a shared love of entertaining and hospitality that is woven through every aspect of everything that we do, it has been the most natural partnership we could imagine.  

A chance encounter, a random email, an immediate connection.  When Clifford Thompson read Pappyland, he recognized so many similarities between his own family and ours, and after discovering that Chenault was an interior designer, he reached out, assuming he wouldn’t hear back. Instead, Chenault, who was in the process of installing one of Thompson Trader’s signature copper sinks in a project, responded immediately. It really was that simple, a partnership and collaboration that began, of all places, with a kitchen sink.    

 An immediate wish to work together, the question of how and what answering itself as we began a conversation that, once started, has effortlessly continued over the course of a few years. We felt an automatic kinship, and just as our process of product development has always come from a natural place of creating products we want to use in our own lives - we began to envision a beautiful line of barware and entertaining essentials that would represent our legacies and welcome a new generation of hospitality.  


 Influenced by the traditions, distinctive sensibilities and style of the Thompson and Van Winkle generations that came before, the Everyday Heirlooms collection is itself a reflection on these shared qualities and the underlying spirit of hospitality they both embody.     

These reimagined classics are a nod to a time resplendent with entertaining, they celebrate the understanding that everyday celebrations are equally as worthy of beauty, joy and togetherness, and encourage the style of hospitality where finery is mixed with everyday, where you use what you have, where you enjoy celebrating for the simple sake of celebrating. Pieces once hidden away and saved for a special occasion, this collection invites you to celebrate everyday and make every occasion special.    

Reminiscent of the golden washed foothills of Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, where the Thompson family inherited the artistry of coppersmithing that has defined the region for centuries, as well as the legacy of Amber hued “always fine bourbon” distilling, from the limestone bluegrass of Kentucky. Where these legacies meet, a collaboration was born, that both honors the past while welcoming the future. 


 The punchbowl always signaled the beginning. The beginning of a conversion, the beginning of a party, the beginning of a celebration. Now the beginning of a collaboration, based on Pappy Van Winkle’s original, iconic, heirloom Punchbowl, that inspired the collaboration between Thompson Trader’s and Pappy & Company.  

Designed with that inspiration in mind, to combine the artistry and craftsmanship of Thompson Traders with the traditions and legacy of Pappy Van Winkle, for a re-envisioned collection built around the modern punchbowl, that welcomes celebration, encourages conversation and creates joy.   This collection of reimagined, sophisticated, versatile, and multi-functional everyday essentials are designed with intention and meant to be used.  

These heirloom quality pieces are crafted in copper and brass, for a modern yet timeless elegance, that is reflective of the shared legacies of both The Thompson and Van Winkle families.  Thoughtfully designed to be used individually, or as a set, and effortlessly mixed and matched with everything from your grandmother’s china to disposable cutlery.  Intentionally left unlacquered, to allow these heirloom pieces to patina with use, for just like shared family stories that get better with time, adding a layer of character each time, they can be polished when desired or left natural for a variety of aesthetic choices.