Partnership Spotlight: Pappy & Company X PrideBites

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Pappy & Company has gone to the dogs!

We have always been avid dog lovers, and can’t remember a time in our lives growing up where we didn’t have at least one as part of the family. We all have dogs now, in fact you have likely seen Rivers, Molly, and Buddy in our pictures, along with our parents dogs Dixie and LuLu.  Our offices are also oftentimes full of as many dogs as employees, with regular visits from other Pappy family pals like Gigi and Rosie, so naturally, we have always wanted to find a way to share Pappy & Company with our favorite four legged friends! 

In fact, one of the best compliments that we hear time and time again is how so many of YOU have shared your love of Pappy Van Winkle in a special way and have named your own pups Pappy! So for all those Pappy inspired pups out there, we have a special treat! We partnered with PrideBites, who you may have seen on their episode of none other than SharkTank, where they quickly impressed judges and pet lovers, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, with their story and landed a deal to continue to connect brands and pet parents on a more personal level. 

 PrideBites was founded by Steven Blustein and Sean Knecht in 2013, who share a similar love of pets and wanted to create quality customized and personalized products for these beloved members of the family to enjoy. PrideBites has since been sharing their award winning custom dog toys with millions of happy pets and pet parents and working with incredible brands along the way! 

 We are so excited to bring replicas of our signature Pappy Van Winkle cigar and a life size version of our Pappy Van Winkle bourbon bottle to our own Pappy loving pups and our pups named Pappy!