Partnership Spotlight: Middleton Made Knives

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A partnership continues: Middleton Made Knives & Pappy & Company launch second custom knife

As we continue to expand our culinary collection, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have trusted partners to turn to to help us turn our gourmet dreams into reality! We consider recipe testing one of the best perks of  our product development process, yet the more time we spent in the kitchen, we realized we were missing something.  We found we were constantly using our barrel stave cutting boards, both for preparation and serving (you know how we love products that serve multiple purposes),  and chopping and dicing as we concocted new recipes and tweaked family favorites, when it dawned on us that what we  needed was a proper chef’s knife! One that is sharp enough to effortlessly slice through the ingredients we use in crafting new cocktails and updating our daily , but that we don’t need to hide away when someone stops by for a taste test! 

Naturally, we turned to our friend Quintin Middleton, master craftsman and artisan behind Middleton Made Knives, who we worked with to create our ever popular Barrel Stave Bar Knife. The best in the business, and revered by everyone from master chef’s to at home amateurs like us, Quintin is dedicated to his skill and artistry in creating beautifully functional pieces that are the true standard bearer in bespoke kitchen ware. 

Based in Saint Stephens, South Carolina, another partner hailing from our beloved low country, Quintin embodies everything we’d seek in a partnership and friendship. Wholly devoted to craft and dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, his process is painstaking, but his inescapable joy is immediately evident. In fact his trademark smile is as revelatory and inspiring as his artistry and skill and we connected with his kindness and spirit right away.

His high end chef’s knives are the #1 tool for many professional chefs, yet the detail extends beyond the supreme precision and quality of the blade.  Each one is unique and hand-crafted with incredible detail and beautiful design. Our Barrel Stave Chef's Knife features a handle hand-crafted from retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel staves, each one bearing one-of-a kind details and individual markings honoring the bourbon aging process.  Combining our passion for reinventing our bourbon barrels into beautiful and inspired pieces and Quentin's dedication to craftsmanship and unique details, with our shared passion for quality and artistry, results in a unique masterpiece that will thrill chef's of all levels and abilities!